YouTube Censorship Is Instigating A Race War – What You Need To Know!

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The first victim of Youtube’s new censorship program has been targeted. Free speech just took a major blow as content creators are now being targeted on Youtube for their political ideologies that go against Google’s status quo. However there is more to this story than meets the eye so in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points out the tactics that are being used in order to launch both a race war and a war on content creators by killing two birds with one stone.

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  • Press For Truth

    The puppet string pullers are creating this race war by design by adding fuel to the fire! Share this video, we need to end the madness!

  • Marcus Aurelius

    A view you do not subscribe to?? You mean you disagree with statistics and facts?? Did you even watch the video??

  • Andre Corbeil Org

    Oh yes they are definitely creating a race war or instigating one at least. Censorship is definitely in full swing. Anytime I speak my Centered political views on Twitter I get suspended for 19 hours

  • Nalis Solus

    You don’t know the reason for why they did that, so you are just speculating. Maybe they just blocked it because they don’t want that kind of content. It’s the simplest explanation so the more elaborate ‘creating conflict on purpose – theory’ requires some convincing arguments.

  • Shawn Jones

    Jared Taylor is the jewish nazis. To act like jewTube or the jews in general aren’t advertising these other jewish nazis and really banning white people exposing the jews is just wrong

  • Shining Path

    The TRUTH is that YouTube and Corporate Media are killing off all small group or individually based political and educational spectrums (including liberals) except those that are Islamic Doctrine based.

  • bloodmuffin123

    IQ is the most understood mechanism in the field of the human mind, it can be measured and quantified. The us army has been testing iq since the turn of the century blacks have consistently tested lower in iq than all other racial groups .

  • Michael S

    And to think that when the groundwork was being laid via the ADL’s obvious and overt defamation of those who question historical veracity. People like David Icke were chasing reptiles.

  • theAbeElement

    I can’t imagine any John Denver album would have an explicit lyrics sticker. Also, youtube is not smart enough to start any war.. it’s those in ‘power’ that create the issue and make dummies like yt staff believe it. I assume that’s what you meant.

  • Privada Machina

    Bitchute is the clear winner. Have you not seen how many big youtubers have moved their today. Styx and Computing Forever are just two out of many. They alone brought over 300k potential subs. Stop spreading people out ffs.

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