Why Is Bitcoin CRASHING Again? – What You Need To Know

Josh Sigurdson reports on the most recent dip in the cryptocurrency market as we see Bitcoin fall around 11% in 24 hours, breaking support levels.
After a double flat top and higher lows, many were expecting to see an impending rally happen, but of course that did not happen. Bitcoin dragged every other crypto into the red today.
Interestingly there’s an ETF decision coming up shortly which gives it some bullish sentiment. While it’s not ideal, it’s what preceded the last massive bull run.
The reason for the most recent dip? More media and government FUD of course!
While the SEC goes after many of the ICOs as if people can’t be responsible and take care of themselves, the CFTC continues its price manipulation probe against the online exchanges. More of a reason to avoid online exchanges.
All the while, the Canadian government has put in place more ridiculous regulations to stop money laundering and financing that in reality is best done in fiat. Of course they will use any excuse possible to go after cryptocurrencies that are truly decentralized. The regulations will mean exchanges have to report people to the CRA if they have more than $10,000 Canadian or $7700 USD.
Even more proof that exchanges are terrible. Time to truly decentralize folks! All of this FUD is futile long term as the market is still in its infancy. Most of these laws are unenforceable and will lead to further interest.

Everyone needs to relax.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • Daniel Reiner

    ETF for bitcoin with no delivery could be very bad and allow price suppression similar to precious metals. Especially if nobody ask for delivery of BTC. Futures Contracts on CME only pay in Cash and not BTC. Now they will be able to sell more ETF’s of BTC than they actually own and never have to buy them. Then they cover their shorts on Futures market. Question is will any investor buy the ETF? You can only cheat investors if they are willing to invest in paper assets.


    Looks like the crypto currencies are in the same camp that precious metals have been in, what you have to look forward to, it’s on the launching pad, it’s going to the moon, it’s got rockets strapped to it, buy on the dips and ride the wave up, it’s going to be worth hundreds thousand and millions after a while you become numb and you stop looking at the price until you hear something on the news about it you then check the price and go back to sleep

  • Johnny Askari

    Now you say cryptos are traceable 😂😂.. And hth do u know 99.9% of crimes use fiat and not cryptos?? 😏😂

  • Matt ward

    I think this crash might be different this time!!! Credit is tightening and those that speculated with borrowed money on cryptos might be having some sleepless nights on how to repay those debts so the selling might be a beginning of something worse for cryptos and other speculative assets such a real estate and stocks. With the political turmoil at the G7 this weekend things are really going to get interesting.

  • Lili Robin

    Hey Josh, I just found out Hickenlooper, Gov of Colorado where I live, was at Bilderberg and will run against Trump.

  • King James VI Scotland

    Told you bro. BITCOIN is a scam, on top of that the FTC is requesting for infonation on how prices are set.

  • Chris Weinert

    Crypto = Mark of the beast…
    Israel backdoored it’s programming, in addition, funded these tech billionaires, who are pushing paperless fiat (NWO) script, just like they did with citizens united (briar patching), or any other oxymoronix..

  • Chris Weinert

    All crypto nerds are buying metals, while hyping their crypto, for obvious reasons. (It’s hemhorraging value, bigly!)

  • geo Pop

    Interesting info, Thanks!! Something huge happening here. LAST big WHALE DUMP!! Blue light special, Buy Opportunity$. Stock markets are next, the inevitable..Ugh Hang ON!!

  • Giovanni Ziti

    It’s great!! Govt says it’s fighting against the money laundering and terrorism it created in the first place to gain more control over the ‘plantation’.Govt is a bunch of wankers fraudulently saying it’s looking out for the public’s interest. If the jackasses were, there would not be fiat currency to start with.

  • Humble Ben

    “…destroying the central banking system and making governments irrelevent.” Gimme a freaking break, Do you really think that they are going to let this happen? All they have to do is issue Fed coins and declare all other cryptos counterfeit currencies. Possession of and dealing with counterfeit will buy you 20 years in a supermax. There is a meeting of the G20 in July where they will be discussing just that. Without a real (not digital) revolution, the party is almost over I’m afraid.

  • Anastasios el griego.

    Chinese currency.. You like it or not Chinese currency is the next international petro dollar. WHY??? Because china holds the biggest reserves of gold in the world and they have the strongest economy in the world.

  • Howard Johnson

    What kind is more insane than crypto I mean that in the Fiat currency‘s green rectangle fake fraudulent monopoly BS so called money dollars back by nothing, but coin is what I call it is pulled out of someone’s anus in and in is worth more than nothing I mean there’s nothing there it’s insane the only real money is gold and silver which will never go up because the Satanist demonic reprobate scum sucking vermin to run this planet won’t let her because well that’s God‘s money gold silver see that’s real money they don’t want that say they want you to be in this frog this Ponzi scheme 11 planet Ponzi your day

  • s3l3r

    Also bitcoin futures is coming last from December

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