In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on North Korea with Donald Trump’s reaction and most important the bigger geo political moves made by China and Russia.

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  • Trust The Shooters

    We’re all kinda stuck on the sidelines and but could end up in the cross fire or economic collapse of society. This is crazy

  • JACk cross

    Let’s destroy ourselves tonight baby. Lets go out in fire because of our desires tonight babby. Lets wipe out thuman race tonight babby.

  • AREss

    Pointless dick waving all of it. They have nukes no one will dare attack them when it would mean maybe millions dead even with the relatively small nukes.

  • j chill

    I’ve been interested in the sudden interest by governments on crypto-currencies, plus some stuff I read about a few days ago 6 of the largest banking industries are getting together to try and form their own crypto-currency, one world money system?

  • Nite Owl

    not just Trump and the US. they pose a serious threat and where are you getting your facts?

    I used to like you but man, you are way out there.

    the fact remains Clinton did almost the same deal Obama did with Iran. it’s all bad and needs to be rectified.

    if your tinfoyl hat stories were true there is no way some one like you would know about it.

    there are too many idiots the believe idiots like you and you should stop being an idiot .

    north Korea needs to be handled and so does China. China is using north Korea as a pawn. they are adding military to their man made islands and looking to steal other countries resources .

    at the end of the day, what needs to happen needs to happen and it’s justified. if you hate this country so much, you should just leave. don’t go away mad, just go. try living in North Korea or China. or better yet, move to Iran. they would love you there.

    until all comunism and radical religions are gone there will be no peice. just delays. the snowflake world does not exist and it never will. it goes against human nature .

    deal with it and support liberty and your own team. the world’s leaders need to share the same ideology before we will ever have peace. I’m not talking about the bankers. they should have been killed a long time ago.

  • Isabel Nav. Vilar

    Listening to you, Luke Rudowski, we can realized how well documented you are about US politics, and how little you know about Russia and China dictatorships. As usual, Americans are the bad guys, and the rest of the world are the decent and respectable people.

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