The Donald Trump Conundrum

In this video Luke Rudkowski interview philosopher and free thinker Max Igan about the Donald Trump conundrum that many people face whether if he is real or not. Right after Trump’s address to congress, we go over the latest actions especially with his foreign policy and most controversial actions.

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  • zacka77ack89

    Obama shattered the left/right paradigm and Trump stitched it back together… All we can hope for is by 2024 people realize they’ve been duped by Obama and Trump so we can treat the disease and not the symptoms by dismantling the FED.

    The solution is simple but it’s like ripping off a band-aid, it’s going to hurt initially but all our problems as a nation, especially war, will evaporate when printing fiat currency stops.

  • DJKeebler808

    C’mon guys, he’s only been in office less than 2 months. Trump has a shit ton of challenges to tackle and he can’t do them all at once. From my perspective, he’s dealing with important domestic issues first.

  • Daily News Mysteries

    This guy doesn’t seem to have a clue about what Trumps up to or US law …think again Trump shouted many times about obama and Clinton creating ISIS !…..Etc. Etc. Trump is not a war monger …. listen to his speech from last night if nothing else……Wow fakish stuff here …

  • illijah

    It makes sense that SA is not on the travel ban list if you understand that those 7 countries had already been approved for more aggressive action. He wasn’t just picking countries at random.

  • RomoRomanico 07

    Dam… good Interview. thank you. never pledge elegance to a politician of any kind. Why does he still remain a wild card and not just a joker? thats the question. Id say that it is because he is not a King but he is a president. As king it would be easy to one day to the next change the works and eliminate the threats but as president surrounded by checks and balances i could see how it might not be so easy. with that said, Israel and Saudi Arabia should have been on the list and war with Russia would be horrible. Why did you only mention Saudi Arabia and not Israel for it’s expansionism and for 9-11. Trump isnt the only one that avoids this details. 😉

  • Jacob Law

    I am thinking the same thing; we know the truth and things are not going in the right direction: however there may be a greater issue going on, there still are traitors in our mist.

  • Scott

    Did no one watch the State of The Union? He could have addressed this head on but he spewed the same foreign policy rhetoric as Clinton/Bush/Obama… I think most president knows but cannot do anything about it. Bush Jr. ran on a “Humble foreign policy” and ended up being the biggest warmongerer of the last 3.

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