Digital Dystopia Revealed

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives is joined by Max Igan where they discuss important topics on technology, including cryptocurrency, the internet of things, and the emergence of the social credit score and what that means for human beings and their relationships with the state. Will this technology create a massive slave state or will people use it to empower themselves? Join these two media mavericks as the digital dystopia is revealed.

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  • FreeRadicals4Christ

    So glad this older gentleman had THIS talk with you Luke! Great interview 💥NONSTOP💥 TRUTH 💥BOMBS 💥❗️


    Max is definitely without any doubt a controlled opposition gate keeper…. a sellout for sure, but Max needs the money, very sad.

  • Mr. S

    The last book of the Bible foretells the future, and it doesn’t look good. Only those with the mark will be able to buy or sell. Jesus is waiting for you.

  • Karen Glass

    Yeah, the truth of the crypto currency is a dark one! Open your eyes everyone! There is not going to be an “easy way out”! What we ‘want’ (especially in the larger picture of things) cannot be accessed by the deep state). Crypto currency is too subjected to the ‘otherside’.
    I was moved to a tear when you said ‘God like Power’. Yes. We need it cause it’s’s like a tidal wave coming at us.

  • Noyfb

    “Fu*ck off” won’t do…. but a gallows in every city center for politicians convicted of corruption and crimes will do.

  • Octavio Rodriguez-Ortiz

    The only way to stop people in this government from spending our tax dollars for crimes against humanity is to STOP GIVING THEM OUR TAX DOLLARS. #claimtaxexempt Any other option is incorrect.

  • Roark Rasmussen

    Hypocrisy at its finest, Max Igan has USED so many people on his permanent vacation around the world.
    Max hates bit coin but is a bit coinn begger , Look at his necklace RPFLMFAO
    I met Max and paid for his and his freinds lunch but he did not even say thankyou. They all turned up in their hipy gear and went on and on how we should all share , but max and his freinds didn’t want to contribute to a project that would have educated and helped many many people.Max just wanted me to pay for everything while he jet setted around the world. The facts Luke like Max have lots of complainst (as we all do) but ZERO viable real world solutions. Max is a total hypocrite just like Luke. thso anacrchy convention is all about a few making money and zero come out of this. Max Igan and luke are just jet setting hippy hypocrites and users . Max and Luke are lazy as fuck and never even work. “moving away from decentralised areas and systems” ROFLMFAO Again neither Luke or parasite Max can point out where or ever show us how THEY are walking the walk…..but they want YOU who works to give them more bitcoins and patreon money so they can live the jet setting lifestyle…….
    Neither of these two will ever point out the fcats of white genocide going on in South Africa and the worlds biggest problem that whites build a nation with beauty and the same thing happens over and over again , liberal “share it all types ” who love every , allow blacks to destroy over and over again…then there is white flight …and the blacks have to follow …..rinse and repeat.

  • HF TL

    Max is powerful and always has been very grounded in spirituality, anger is 100% justified, and useful as a tool in our emotional arsenal, but we can channel this anger in a better way that is more in line with a LOVE BASED approach, that is how we can reach people. We DO need a movement, we are representing the movement that has never been tried (ANARKEDEN)

    We personally empower ourselves to a level that recognizes the system is nothing, the system is powerless, and we actively empower ourselves and dis-empower the system through the Anarkeden 10 step solution strategy. When we feel powerless, we see the system as all powerful, we get angry, frustrated, and thats totally justified but at the same time we have the opportunity to empower ourselves and recognize the potential and see the light tat the end of the tunnel through Anarkedens approach, with hope and optimism and faith and belief and genuine conviction, thats how we turn the tide. No fear bro, lets move forward together in love and unity, we have already gone way beyond a critical mass in terms of an awakening, now what? ANARKEDEN brothers and sisters, much love and peace.

  • monkey saiyen

    521 thousand subscribers and only 4.5 thousand views. Thank you YouTube for suppressing important issues and being a piece of shit company

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