Why We Must Listen To Putin and Elon Musk NOW!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Elon Musk and Russian President Vladimir Putin very important statements on AI artificial intelligence. We go over the systems that facbook, google and other governments are developing right now that will have grave implications for the future of our life.

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  • Mykill Mielia

    Fuck AI!
    Fuck fear mongering!
    Fuck Elon Musk!
    Fuck Putin!
    Fuck Mark Zuckerberg!

    … and cherish Luke for introducing another globe changing topic of present and future.

  • Sike Mátyás

    Dude it’s the fucking jews man, zionist assholes.. there is so much factual content to this that it’s ridiculous for you to be jumping around this topic..
    Name any influential institution that’s not jewish controlled…

    They’ve got you by the balls and tbe best AI I could invent would be something that stops their tyranny over our sovereign nations!

  • Jonathan Johnson

    I’ll say it again. A true Artificial Intelligence will never exist. Intelligence is a function of life and no machine will ever come to life. This is not to say that very terrible things could not be accomplished with much greater efficiency through the use of automation but the actual evil will always be attributable to some living, breathing human being, so, ya, avoid using google.

  • Alejandro Concha Gajardo

    ‘rulers of the world’ … how childish, i no wonder the world problems, these guys are just playing their game …if the world peace is in hands of ‘artificial intelligence’ we are done

  • Usury Slave

    God is your creator.
    Jesus is your saviour.
    Truth only can be attained through Christ.
    One only needs to read Revelations to know how this world ends. The answer has been here in print for thousands of years.
    It’s called the New Testament .

  • Jack-Rhion Turner

    The fact that we think AI will end us could say more about us than it says about AI.

    It’s the master of the AI population control systems that we need to worry about.

    We have a shitstorm coming our way, I don’t know when, how or where, but I know the world is going is going to be a different place in 2030.

  • John Hdn

    im pretty sure some virus will use bitcoin’s computer power to destroy any global energy systems…
    and sometimes you ask yourself why US army still using floppy disks for their nuclear program.
    (this is my crazy opinion of course)

  • Kaptain_Krawdad

    The scariest part of it to me is that the people who will try to legislate the use of, and use, AI are people who describe the internet as a “series of tubes”. God help us all.

  • Jodi Justice

    if we recall, the MH370, the missing flight that has never been found, let us remember ,, there were 20 senior personnel from technology company, Freescale located in Austin,TX, on their way to China.. working on a “stealth” cloaking technology, have we forgotten all this,, the plane and passengers were never found, no evidence of crash, close to that little military island- US occupied, Diego Garcia, and- 4 of the techies had a 1/4 interest in the patent for the cloaking technology-AND, being that they will be declared dead, the fifth part- held by none other the Carlyle group/Bush,Bin-Ladens, and others. so, what does all this tell you???

  • Sarah Jensen

    I’m not afraid of AI that can control its own inputs. The problem is that we know garbage in = garbage out and they’re training some of these on internet interactions and their own biases. A truly autonomous self-programming AI that is not connected to others is no biggie, it’s a limited entity. Give it access to bad input and then give it power over the internet of everything and it will take something like an EMP to save us, which will also throw us into complete chaos since relatively few people have the skills necessary to survive and rebuild. I’m not convinced that we haven’t already gone too far in the wrong direction with this. We certainly live in interesting times.

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