How To Overcome Opioids An Addict Tells All

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange travels to Mexico to discuss the growing opioid epidemic and how to overcome it. Chris became an addict of almost 20 years when a car accident left him severely injured. After trying everything out there he finally went to Mexico where he underwent alternative treatments and overcame it all.

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  • HughJasole

    This video is a bit misleading. You’re portraying the man as “cured”. He’s not. There is no cure for addiction. There is no guarantee this man will stay off opiates. He could get addicted to Kratom next. Staying sober is a constant battle. Once the substances are out of your system, that’s when the work begins. If you expect to just never use again, without addressing all the symptoms that come along with the addiction, you won’t stay sober. Your brain is forever changed, and it takes effort to get it back to a maintainable state

  • PrivateAttorney

    Ibogaine has a near 70% success rate in ending addiction.

    The LIE: Drug addiction and alcoholism is a incurable disease. This should be pounded into the heads of addicts for the rest of their lives to deceive them into believing they are powerless and will likely die from this “disease:.

    The TRUTH: Addictions and alcoholism are the result of:

    1. A chemical imbalance in the brain that CAN and MUST be corrected before correcting the other imbalance. Ibogaine and/or NAD therapy do this and some as they reset the brain to its preaddicted state while also providing an often profound instrospective experience.

    2. A Behavioral Imbalance where the person uses to temporarily correct this imbalance which usually numbing emotional issues or past trauma. Just as Ibogaine corrects what would normally take months to years in just a matter of days, Human Needs Psychology and Strategic Interventions do the same by correcting the behavioral imbalances that are trigging the person into using.

    These are two of the three pillars that ends addiction, usually once and for all, if administer properly and with care and patience.

  • PrivateAttorney

    Luke: Can you please provide the link to this treatment facilities website and/or their contact info so those who are seriously trying to quit using these deadly drugs like fentanyl can at least start the first step which is research and speaking to the best treatment options?? Thanks Luke

  • nonslave

    I want to go to same clinic but …..where will I find 10k laying around since every dime I get gos to the tread mill so I don’t face the extreme sickness VA won’t help Medicare won’t …grim

  • TheWrathsblade

    Until everyone starts to open their eyes and finally see what is happening all around, I will keep posting this. All I see is, shattered pieces I can’t keep it, hidden like a secret I can’t look away From all this pain, in the world we’ve made Every day you need a bulletproof vest To save yourself from what you could never guess Am I safe today? When I step outside, in the wars we wage Our future’s here and now Here comes the countdown Sound it off, this is our call Rise and Revolution It’s our time to change it all Rise and Revolution Unite and fight To make a better life Everybody one for all Sound off, this is the call Tonight, we Rise

  • CraquedEggs

    When quitting opioids a person may feel like they are dying or like they would rather be dead but they will not die from quitting.
    People die from quitting blood pressure medication all the time but the media never reports anything about that…
    In other words blood pressure medication is more addictive and dangerous than heroin…

  • Snake Pliskin

    Honestly ween off to Kratom and that will make it so you won’t have those god awful withdrawals and then eventually you can ween off of Kratom and boom you’re you again. Gotta have a strong will, motivation and be sure to drink water magnesium and exercise. Takes 28 days

  • SaraSmile

    I’ve been an addict for a long time and clean for 5 years! I am a licensed chemical dependency counselor now and I find this interesting. I definitely am not one to judge but this is interesting! Kudos to those who continue to fight the disease of addiction for it has taken so many lives, GOOD LIVES and does not discriminate!!! There is HOPE and you’re worth it!!!!!!

  • Leif Mealone

    Best friend killed himself with opioids last month. He really needed something for pain since he had lost both his legs. He finally decided he didn’t want to deal with life anymore. The opioids were an easy, peaceful way to go for him. Sucks, but it was his decision. Now he’s a statistic.

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