The Eric Garner Aftermath – We Need to Talk

The Eric Garner case exposed a side of America that many would prefer not to look at.
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  • That someone


    That’s because the only people looking for racist videos are racist people.
    The reason why so many racist or generally incorrect videos always get so
    many likes/go unopposed is because the same fan base continues to watch the
    same videos, which causes confirmation bias which only re-affirms their
    views. Very few non-racist people will click the video, and the ones ones
    that do speak out will be caught in the noise of the comment thread. (Such
    as this one)

  • Jim Jimmy

    Gotta disagree here. Historically riots have actually shown to be more
    effective. Declassified tapes show that the Birmingham riot was the reason
    for Civil Rights Act. Riots grant
    much more attention than peaceful protest. I’m not saying that’s right,
    It’s just a fact. Yes they grant much attention in the way of mainstream
    media demonizing the movement but they will do that anyway, right?
    Tactically I can see the advantages of peaceful protest.(better public
    image) The problem is the perception of “peaceful protest” has been twisted
    so far from what it really is. Peaceful protest nowadays means only
    protesting in designated areas, not chanting anything “offensive” ect. The
    reason this is encouraged is because it’s so ineffective. Coming from a
    moral standpoint, there is no grounds to judge rioters. Who gives a fuck
    about windows, cars, bins when there’s people are getting shot dead in the
    street. No court, no judge, nothing. They don’t need to even create the
    illusion of a justice system anymore. That’s how lowly they think of us.
    Stormclouds obviously isn’t expressing a moral judgement of the rioters.
    That part wasn’t aimed at him but to those who do, where was your outrage
    over violence when over 1 million innocents died in Iraq? A bit of
    perspective goes a long way

  • Yuxz Wzxy

    Democracy= fearmongering, warmongering, promotion of ignorance and hate in
    order for the few to profit financially and in many other ways.

  • DianeMRPD

    I pretty much agree with ALL of this except I heard one comment that could
    not be more wrong. Regarding how I could be Eric Garner. Nope. I would not
    make those choices. Even his children said he made bad choices. To absolve
    him from responsibility is wrong. We DO have to stop dividing into
    different groups. There is no need to mention race. Unless you are a

  • michael evans

    If you paid attention to the Eric Garner case you would know that it was
    whites and blacks and latinos marching together against the police state.
    I agree with you that we all are going to have to come together to stop

  • Kevin Phelps

    this video is a long explanation for why separation is BEST

    ASSUMING the maker of this video isn’t a liar.

  • ScottFree

    The long term repercussions of there thought process on racesisms is well
    planned out, it is part of there reality movie series, and the show will be
    on the Internet, and manily on YouTube. Around the world. It has already
    begun, season one of many episodes is coming to is season finale, but
    that’s not even the kicker, the second season comes out right after the
    first season final.
    Live on YouTube…

  • Greg Hi-Z

    Lol… talk about relativism . Internet posts compared too black murder,
    general crime rate and rioting ?

  • nightslayer78

    While I agree there needs to be a change in mindset. We can’t honestly
    expect Americans to change until the consequences of their actions are put
    on their doorstep. Americans can only achieve unity and real change after
    an action slams them in the chest.

  • v hageman

    you don’t change peoples mind when you talk about race. you don’t change
    peoples mind when you talk about politics. Everything we talk about is on a
    individual basis since people don’t care completely until they themselves
    are emotionally effected or physically effected. But someone can act like a
    thug if they want but they need to make sure they don’t drop out of high
    school. instead of selling drugs and buying lebron’s they should become
    scientists. Act like a thug but make money improve america and fix a broken
    political and justice system. a system can be fix when the right people are
    in it but are not being controlled by big corporations.

  • thatguy22441

    You make a good point and two wrongs don’t make a right but you make no
    mention of racist blacks who have been spewing their rhetoric with relative
    impunity for decades now. Racism is bullshit but it seems that you only
    addressed half of the problem by speaking only against white racists.

  • OutOfTheBoxThinker

    Both George Lincoln Rockwell and Malcolm X understood that a third ethnic
    group (far more dangerous than either Whites or Blacks) had subverted
    Western civilization. They tried to collaborate in a fight against their
    common enemy, to allow them to build a future that would benefit both
    Blacks and Whites. Then they ended up “lone gunman”-ed before the ’60s were
    over. Now, few remember what they stood for.

    Race war seems inevitable today, not because Blacks want it or because
    Whites want it, but because a third group wants Black and White to destroy
    each other!

  • stonbailey

    our reaction was due to a long and sustained feeling of racism. kind of
    like a third grader being bullied. we do not provoke the “race war” but we
    have been the victims of it. most black people are coons anyway. yearning
    to be one with the leopard. i.e. weave, homosexual, drugs (pharma) and so
    on. we kill each other because of self hate. we do not support each other
    economically. we fall under the impression that we have to be like the
    leopard in order to survive; and based off the current economic
    system…our government who is hardly black are the orchestrators but we’re
    are viewed as the animals. The rabbit hole is deep. once you’re in you’re

  • Noah Taylor

    I appreciate the work you’re doing, keep it up man! I have watched several
    of your videos, and I feel you have hit the nail on the head just about
    every time. The problems we face today as American citizens are vast, and I
    am deeply concerned not for myself but for my children’s future. The world
    looks bleak, and I truly hope we have a shift in consciousness and people
    wake up to the realities of the world and its current state before it is
    too late. I try to do as much as I can on a local level because I feel it
    is all I can do at this time to try and alleviate the everyday struggle for
    my community. I think rather than people trying to take on the world all at
    once, if we all contribute when we can, the world can be a better place one
    small step at a time, ultimately having a lasting effect exponentially.
    Hopefully these videos have touched many others as they have me and I will
    definitely share them. Thank you

  • LUKAS Narbutas

    Since this chanel is about little science scientis have proven shuch thing
    as race dose not exsits, so telling that black people is a diffrent race is
    insulthing and just adding fuel to the fire the word race just got
    developed by Chatalic church to explain that slaivery is good so word Race
    is as stubid as YOLO.

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