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  • purp k

    I KNOW exactly what your going thru with that factory job. Went thru the same experiences sore hands, lazy mofos etc. I had to stop messing with those kinds of jobs.
    Get some tiger balm for your hands tho.

  • Sandy Freschi

    Thanks so much for sharing your strength. It’s really inspiring. It seems pretty clear that the job has served its purpose. Praying for you to find just the right thing to support you and your family as you move forward. You got this!

  • skye bentley

    Vent it out brother! Were here for you glad you have a plan. I think working is good too because it takes your mind off the stress.
    Do whats right for u and ur family the universe will make a path

  • Butterfly Whispers

    Hey Mr. Honor, could you please cover that blister with a band-aid so it doesn’t get infected with that “flesh eating” disease. Open sores is susceptible to that. Just for safety precautions. Anyway, I understand, those mandatory “Hebrew slave” hours are ridiculous. Been there; you’ll loose track of time, health declines, sleep deprived. I began to fall asleep standing up on the job, it got so bad, AND while driving due to 16hrs. per day……  you’ll look up one day wondering when did Lenon Jr. start growing a mustache!!…. you’re a man of great integrity. You are one to be emulated and admired. All is well. (hugs)

  • Neake81

    Does anyone know if there are any protective gloves Lenon can wear? You may need to use cream with urea in it. I think that’s what people use for very hard and dry skin.

  • Introverted Empath

    I truly appreciate your transparency! You’re the most sensible man I’ve ever ran across.I know all roads will eventually lead to serenity for you. ~Stay encouraged brother

  • Marshall Lyons

    keep it realllyy clean and if you can wear a glove just put some vaseline on your blisers and it will stop the chaffing alot

  • Cee Eeetc

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! You’re doing an amazing job and thank you for sharing your feelings. You speak multitudes of Truth especially regarding the work place drama. I work at a desk at yes coworkers with seniority act the same way.

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