WWIII – The Calm Before The Storm

In historical terms these are the final seconds of the 11th hour, and the clock is ticking.
Sources & Transcript: http://stormcloudsgathering.com/world-war-iii-the-calm-before-the-storm

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  • christian woehrle

    plus transhumanism / teresem agenda to have us all more herd stupified. If
    we let them get away with that also. Even idf only passively paying
    attenmtion the signs are everywhere . Show something, say something long
    enough normalizes it and herd menatality accepts it into there lives. Plus
    to much double speak. patriot act / unpatriotic act, net neutrality fcc /
    Net neuter etc etc. I could go on for days. NDAA arrest for possibly
    suspect no trial no jury no warrant.. uncertain days ahead.

  • Average American

    There is *GOOD NEWS* because *JESUS SAVES* In addition:
    “But the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who had
    performed the signs on its behalf.” ~Revelation 19:20

  • Charlie Gareginyan

    I have a topic request: armament of both Russia and US sides meaning of
    course their allies included and how they compare also their actions
    internatoinally over the last decade, (comparision)

  • andrew webster

    This message resonates with me! Buy aside from spreading this message, what
    in the ever lovin’ hell can we DO about it??? Seriously. I’m very open to

    • A Saxon man

      +andrew webster Stormclouds, for all his good intentions has no real plan
      to do anything about anything. He has this vague plan of “non aggression
      principle” but intelligent people know it’s bullshit. It requires near
      total compliance to succeed and runs against human nature.

      Just prepare for a collapse by training with fire arms and stocking up on
      the essentials.

  • Sigita Diamond

    Russia, and America are playing good cop and bad cop, yet again, were not
    blind to the fact that money needs to made out of this war. and Obama, is
    going down the path of destruction, making deals with Putin, and China fuck
    out of here the lot of you, Better start praying. Because Hitler about to
    make his return.

  • thatguy22441

    Unfortunately, it will take another world war to change the course that the
    West is taking. I honestly believe that nothing short of another civil war
    here in the States could stop WW3. Think of civilization as a forest.
    Forests occasionally burn, thus renewing themselves. We have managed to
    stave off any forest fires for so long that tinder has been building and
    building. All it takes now is an ignition and an uncontrollable blaze is

  • James Walker

    WHY WHY WHY DO PEOPLE ………keep saying the US is bankrupt, or we cant
    repay China. OK please first learn and understand the way an economy works
    & the driving factors. Example being 90% of USA debt is owned by the
    american public through government bonds NOT CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!. now ask
    yourself what is a government bond ? Then ask what is the driving factor to
    a WORLD ECONOMY ? it damn sure aint the fucking Yen or Rubel its the USD.
    now is America filled with scumbag politicians on both sides ? YES. are
    most of Americans Ignorant ? YES BUT!!!!!!!! i would not want to live in
    any other country on earth BECAUSE PEOPLE WAKE UP there is not going to be
    anything after the USA gos under or a WWIII the buck stops with us (the
    USA) 1. we either destroy the world with NUKES vs losing a war or 2. the
    world economy collapses because if you think there will be another
    superpower and its going to be China or Russia WHO BOTH ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!
    capable of sustaining and driving a world economy your just plain STUPID

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