2015 – The Dangers Ahead

A quick look at the minefield we are walking into in 2015. Sources & Transcript: http://stormcloudsgathering.com/2015-the-dangers-ahead
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  • mr black

    awwwww I shouldn’t have watched this..I was happy living in the matrix the
    corporate media had prepared for my mind…

  • toe

    Cognitive dissonance… Ignorance, selfishness, addiction, irresponsiblity,
    psychopathy, neurosis, unrecognized diseases, gluttony, envy and lust. This
    is what we own that our enemies are using against us.
    The powers that be suffer all this too. We’re just closer to dying of them.
    Without us, tho, there is no 1%…So, who really sits where the key stone
    goes? Not no Rothschild, I’m sure…
    Its the bees.

  • Yuxz Wzxy

    In order to trigger the “war to end all wars” of this century, they need to
    make people believe there is an enemy worthy of it. When people will be
    made poor enough and the world around them vicious enough, they won’t even
    blink. The most important battle is that against your mind.

  • Disobedience To Tyranny Is Obedience To God (AstralTim67)

    The first two minutes of this video completely prove how the entire world
    population is under mind-control

  • Dashed

    Please give an update about your opinions and others things about what’s
    going on throughout the world.

    Recently things seem to speed up more and more, not heading towards a
    stable and sustainable future. Spiraling down and caving in onto itself.

    I am looking forward to your next video or whatever you decide to do.
    Keep up this great work!

  • Mike Cho

    Yes, these are the major crisis in the world. Let’s take actions now. Tell
    the US Congress and the UN. Be a hero!!! All the hot, sexy, cool chics will
    love you!!!

  • MrEunderhill

    “To those of you getting your panties in a wad because you think this video
    is “pessimistic” or who are demanding that I come up with a solution to the
    problems that you keep letting your governments create… wake up. Getting
    mad at the evidence is like yelling at the guy installing a “beware of
    dog” sign. Just because the mainstream media stopped talking about Ukraine,
    Syria, and west Africa doesn’t mean we’re back to rainbows and puppy dogs.
    If you want to argue against the facts presented here, do that, but don’t
    waste your time whining in the comments just because you don’t like how the
    facts make you feel.”

    Perhaps you should do a video based on this comment, Aaron.

  • that random gamer gaiming

    I will say one thing a lot of what you said has certainly happened or at
    least on the road to happening.

  • Mrbooboo1972

    Aaron. Please post more Videos. I know you only have 2 hands and have a
    life besides this… but Please add some new ones… like to know where you
    stand on current events and where things are heading. Your an erudite man
    and look forward to what you have to add. Thank You -Shawn.

  • SS4LiFe1488

    You lay facts out right infront of us. But with all the chemicals we ingest
    into our bodies like flouride for example, it dumbs us down and makes it
    hard for us to process information we dont like. Im fully awake. My mind is
    open and i love what you’re doing bro, keep it up! Can you make a video
    about the “gay agenda” in america? 

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