Charlie Hebdo Shootings – Censored Video

This is footage of the Charlie Hebdo shootings which has been restricted or taken down from a number of websites. As you will see it contains no blood, gore or graphic violence. It does however punch a major hole in the official story. Transcript & sources:

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  • Bigman

    Very possible this theory. Is there any footage of the attack inside? Any
    footage that shows the final showdown at the print factory (not just the
    sound of explosions)? Any footage of the dead bodies? I can’t find
    anything. Again, we all just believe the news we are fed by the man on the
    TV. Thank god Youtube gives us the opportunity to discuss / question.

  • videobay888

    Another Mossad operation! Netanyaho was right there recruiting Jews right
    after it happened. 9/11 was a Mossad operation in part or in whole. They
    have been killing Iranian scientists. Mossad are also suspected in the
    London train bombings.

  • Ouroboros

    I think he was hit in the chest and the media never corrected the mistake
    because they wanted it to sound graphic. Look at the angle of the barrel as
    opposed to the dust plume, no gun is that inaccurate. Thoughts?

    • MousseBryophyte

      +Wynapse O Yes, for what I see, the world do seem very simple in your mind.
      It’s just a conspiracy, as always.

    • Wynapse O

      The muslims didnt do nothing. This is just another false flag intended to
      fuel more hatred and war against the islamic world. The bankers and Israel
      control the world. Simple.

  • Aname Goeshere

    Not sure if he was wearing body armor, of if such a close range shot would
    penetrate. It looked like he was shot through the chest or neck? Judging by
    some of the reaction in his clothes as he turns over. Perhaps it was just
    clothes bunching and moving as he rolls over. .
    More so, the angle of the gun and the area the dust kicks up from the
    concrete don’t line up. . . unless it passed through him and the angle was

  • peedinkus

    I have seen people hit with the this round and yes, that looks like he
    actually got shot, you fucking moron. The round went through his goddam
    head and struck the sidewalk you dope smoking piece of shit.

  • GoTo Hell

    The UN is in charge. I would ask, how far do you have to dig to find a UN
    connection? We know that UNESCO came along after the ‘event’ to soothe us,
    “As the United Nations agency mandated to protect freedom of expression and
    press freedom, UNESCO stands up every time a journalist is killed and we
    call for effective justice.” Irina Bokova, Director-General UNESCO, Jan.
    14, 2015

    The UN invented global warming (Maurice Strong), they control a vast
    majority of the global media. Picture of drowned refugee boy, taken by a
    woman who works for a media conglomerate owned by a Turkish billionaire
    with solid ties to the UN. Recent picture of old and injured polar bear in
    Norway, taken by a wildlife photographer, who attended the UN funded school
    in Norway, UNIS, and who’s work and lectures is funded by the UN. They have
    an agenda.

    If you look closer for a UN connection to this event, before it happened,
    you will find one.


    Perhaps US journalists know all about firearms ( it wouldn’t surprise me at
    all) but here noone knows anything about war and headshots- other than
    Hollywood images. It’s fully understandable that media concludes he was
    shot in the head. Perhaps he wasn’t, and hoped to survive by playing dead.
    Best reaction posssible, saying “you missed” or “you’re under arrest” in
    his position? Unfortunately he died from the bullit wounds anyway. Nobody
    in our press wrote he died from this headshot, they wrote he was executed
    on the street. Whatever bullit missed or not, that’s a fact. Hit or miss,
    it’s an image they don’t show out of respect for the family and life, and
    it has no news value to overrule that.

  • Nicholas Stafford

    wait? that’s all your evidence? you didn’t see blood on a grainy video?
    thanks for the perspective, but what are you arguing? that the guy didn’t
    die? did nobody see the corpses? what about the family members? who set up
    this fake attack?

  • nvjgefjikbxigetugdkbcdkgecv

    #nyctreeman: Offensichtlich gibt es vom CIA bezahlte Trolle. Bei der
    Ermordung Kennedys, die mit einem harmloseren Gewehr aus größerer
    Entfernung begangen wurde (auch Kennedy wurde in den Kopf geschossen) wurde
    ein großer Teil der Schädeldecke weggesprengt und Teile des Gehirns flogen
    durch die Luft. 

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