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  • Christina Haftman

    Start a handyman business in your area. You are a leader. You are an entrepreneur. You are so much better than this. This is unsustainable. I am sure there are other jobs in your area.

  • Marc Marcus

    Thanks for the update. Words of wisdom Lenon. You’re Not alone. Be careful when you’re driving and doing these videos!

  • Virgo Moon Science

    The harder you work, the more negativity your co-workers feel towards you.
    This is not a healthy work environment for someone who only knows how to give 100%.
    The weakness in others is a hard one to except.

  • ohitsdrae

    Try HOMEDEPOT it’s the same type of job but less strain. They open at 6 and close at 10 and close at 8 on Sundays.
    The money may be different but u can negotiate that.
    I think you’d like it

  • Butterfly Whispers

    Mr. Honor. OMG!! You have a GOLDEN GOOSE there!! You don’t have to seek another job. Your job is LITTERALLY WILLING to give you anything you want. THAT IS RARE. Many jobs simply tell you, “sorry to here that, good luck”….and the many times you’ve been late, STILL THERE!! LOL…..ask for a raise, part-time, and set your own hours!!…..

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