The Chickenpox (Varicella) Vaccine EXPOSED – Truth about the side effects of vaccinations

In this video I discuss a recent experience my friends had when they allowed for their young daughter to be injected with the Chickenpox vaccine.

Break Free From Slavery

Read about the side effects of the Chickenpox vaccine here:

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  • Lord Prince Zuko

    that shit don’t work got it when i was 7 and a year later i got the
    i was away from school for almost 2 months

  • Truth Seaker

    these stupid vaccines manditory in bc apperently. i was threatened by
    ministry of family and child protection to have my children taken away if i
    refuse to vaccinate my children. canadian government is pure evil.

  • inner earth

    the reason for vaccines runs deeper than you think. it’s not just about
    money. Dig deeper into research. look up mary rodwell star children.

  • Yasna Astorga

    Yesssss!!! Thank you for this video. There are way too many sheep that
    judge you as an antivaxer if you even dare question the effectiveness of
    vaccines. Subscribed

  • Donna Wilson

    its dangerous playing around with vaccines , the best defense against
    diseases is a strong healthy natural immune system. vaccines weaken the
    immune system

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