Here’s What They DON’T Want You To Know About With The New Cannabis Regulations #LCBO

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Legalization is coming to Canada but what price are Canadians willing to pay? For years Press For Truth has been warning about the coming governmental takeover of the cannabis industry in Canada (see our film “The Trudeau Deception) and now the Ontario government has teamed up with the LCBO (Liquor Board of Ontario) and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to squash the mom and pop’s who built the industry and to gain a strong hold on their monopoly. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with the president of the Cannabis Growers Of Canada Chad Jackett about what the government has planned for the Canadian people when it comes to “legalizing” cannabis and more importantly what you can do to help with the fight for a free and fair cannabis market.

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  • AnEclecticSoul

    Dude, government doesn’t care if you’re good people, they only want to take your economic opportunity away from you. Government itself must be abolished to stop all the theft of all free markets.
    and…. Monsatan already has a pattent on genetically modifying our sacred weed.

  • Animal Farm

    The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away, blessed be the name of the Government! Wake Up Sheeple… you are not Free!

    Government’s view of the people and economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it. If all else fails, make it illegal and profit from it.


    What did you expect was going to happen when the government legalized It? That there would be no rules-You can’t have it both ways. And again you’re jumping all over things before 1 July 2018 without waiting for the actual facts. Ontario isn’t the only province in Canada. Why aren’t you reporting in on the other provinces plans? OMG you smoke pot to gst high, most of you don’t gi’ve a shot about the medial benefits of it – sounds like you are just as bad.

  • Jack Italix

    Weed solved a lot of personal psychological issues for me in the past. Of course, in combination with right thinking, meditation, etc. So, please KEEP UP THE FIGHT 🙂 The government destroys anything and everything that could be remotely good for you.

  • Canadian Libertarian

    Great reporting guys! We have to do whatever we can to prevent the government from attempting to take over the Marijuana industry in Canada.

  • Michael1 Honor

    Hold a vote for freedom!
    Mail a joint to somebody that needs to chill out .
    Get it people.
    Call it. mail a joint to freedom
    Or mail freedom to?????
    Then drug test the whole lot of them and purge the 2 sided well dressed people.

  • Darren Swift

    Here’s what I would do if I wanted marijuana, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, or both. I’d get some good unmodified seeds and grow my own. Wouldn’t tell anyone else about it. I’d buy the bare GMO minimum from time to time and keep the receipts in my car and at home where I could get to it to show the man. Play dumb like you’re a good little drone. Let their system break itself, just like the government will eventually go down the tubes. The couple of trolls you see on here will be going with them. Disclosure — I quit drugs and alcohol 31 years ago, and the beard went even before that. I’m an old school Angeleno, I know how to deal with busybodies.

  • Andrew Paul

    Jesus christ. You wanted it legal and now that it is you complain about government overaight. Calling them mobsters are you for real? Tune in next week for The Young Turks and their opinions on something they dont understand.

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