Post Election War In Syria With US And Russia Is Imminent

With less than two weeks to go in the presidential selection of 2016, tensions are brewing in the middle east and it all centers around ISIS. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains what a post election middle east will potentially look like.


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About The Author


  • Press For Truth

    It’s not a matter of if but when…the invasion of Syria (and Iran) has
    been a part of the agenda for a very long time and it’s now coming to

  • Joe MacDonald

    The military industrial complex is a business and to remain profitable , it
    must grow. Unfortunately dead babys are good for business. We are a very
    sick and dangerous society. Im going to throw up now. PEACE BROTHER

  • paskwawi2007

    Hillary is on record saying she wants a no fly zone but I haven’t heard of
    Trump saying that. Assad’s morality is not in question here as America
    should not be trying to interfere in Syria period. The establishment wants
    WW3. They need to cover their slimy tracks.

  • Davaughn Ahlstedt

    I don’t think that Mr Trump knows the true scope of things there and when
    elected will see the full extent of the conflicts that are taking place and
    I don’t think he wants to war anywhere! Just my thoughts

  • humorisgood441

    With all due respect your analysis sounds very confused and somewhat shaped
    by the false narrative we’ve been fed by the MSM. It seems you are anxious
    about losing “influence” in the middle east, even though we’ve created an
    “Empire of Chaos” there in the last 15 years. I encourage you to get up to
    speed with the fine job the Corbett Report has done with respect to Syria.
    Just to sketch out the high points.

    1) We created ISIS as another terrorist proxy force to destabilize and
    fragment countries that we (and Israel) find unsympathetic.

    2) Assad was genuinely popular with his people and the protests against his
    government were moderate and civil until our Jihadist’s came in.

    3) The Russians were invited into Syria and have a role to play. The
    Iranians are providing much needed manpower and have well defined interests
    in the form of a pipeline to the Med, and preventing the expansion of the
    Neo Con agenda which has them down as the next target. Not hard to
    understand and no threat to any version of America which doesn’t need to
    establish a hegemonic global state.

    4) We have been totally self justifying, deceitful and illegal in our
    conduct. We have no constructive role to play and need to leave Syria. We
    need to end our support for ISIS, pull back all our overseas military bases
    and apply ourselves to deconstructing the deep state that has controlled

    My candidate for president was Robert David Steele. Alas we are not ready
    for that kind of intelligence.

    Right, this next part is simply my personal observations. Trump appears to
    be less compliant with the NWO folks. It seems he was positioned to be the
    nominee in the hopes/belief that he was so “extreme” and generally oafish
    that it would be a shoe in for Hillary. The changing currents of history
    however have reshaped all of that and to my own surprise I detect some
    genuine feeling in the man with regards to throwing a money wrench into the
    globalists plans. Maybe all the attacks he’s taken have stimulated some
    capacity for maturity and real purpose beyond the quest for a bigger brand

    Yes the whole thing sucks but at the very least we need to stop worrying
    about Russian or Iranian influence and bring our military back home.

  • Hero Zero

    making the claim that the US and Russia will fight soon is a stretch, Trump
    wants a good relationship with Russia ( his claim at least)…maybe he’ll
    establish one.

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