Quantum Relativity

The bridge between quantum physics and general relativity requires a paradigm shift.
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  • Jason Bou Kheir

    If we are one, how come I cannot perceive your consciousness directly (read
    your mind, move your body parts through thought, see what you are seeing,

  • runar500

    Seems to be a lot of heated debating going on in the comments section? And
    close to 200.00 views? I believe you struck a nerve with this one?! 🙂

    As I see it; I am in NO position to “accept or deny” any of the statements
    given in the video. But I do believe anyone and everyone could use the vid
    to broaden their conceptions of life? To me it does not matter how correct
    or incorret the film is, it only matters that we can agree on the idea that
    we allways need to challange our current belives.. That’s all!

    Thanks for yet another great vid!

  • GenshinX

    Quantum physics always makes me cry when it’s presented like this; it’s the
    most eloquent and beautiful understanding we have.

  • ankit jain

    Nice Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have
    you heard about – Tarbbatigan Endowment Capacity Tip (just google it)? It
    is a good one off guide for learning how to master quantum physics minus
    the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend
    Sam at last got cool results with it.

  • Calvin Denali

    May I suggest for further clarity, you the reader of this message go check
    out the work of —-Tom Campbell—-. He has put together a simple to
    understand TOE on this subject.

  • Pi Sahasra

    Life is essentially a product of spacetime even before it is “Born”. Life
    requires many components before it becomes observable subjectively,
    infinitely more so if intellect is part of that requirement. Think of two
    primal single celled organisms, the prokaryote and archae. Both of this
    require DNA. That in itself is a multi-proportional gigantic collaboration
    of particles according to quantum mechanics. Go all the way down to DNA
    size, you get Amino Acids. What are amino acids made of? Well it varies but
    contains nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. That involves almost all
    subatomic particles already, be it top, down, gauge bosons in their
    reactions, as well as how all these thousand or so particles in that
    arrangement, interact with the higgs field. It is the sole reason I believe
    spirituality cannot best science because the observed universe is a
    particle static one and any science done follows that observed universe
    rule. However, I do believe in the Many Worlds theory and with that comes a
    bigger spiritual cause, one that envelopes larger than universes, the
    collective reality. The collective reality is an infinite one like the
    quanta stated in this video, however we feel special in observing them, we
    single out only ourselves even the concept of universe sounds hollow. In it
    all dimensions work together to create reality from its many possibilities,
    rather than we are only responsible for ourselves. In it, higher states of
    ourselves exist and so do other sentient beings that grow to envelope
    entire planes of dimensions before crystallizing into a single quanta and
    being reborn to endure the cycle of dimensions to infinity. Notice how we
    choose certain thoughts over the other even if it has the same significance
    subconciously, as though decisions were brought to us before hand, much
    like electrons knowing when to switch between wave and particle before
    being observed. It is my humble believe that we would discover
    supersymmetry particles (which would be responsible for dark matter and
    dark energy) that are capable of reacting with EM Fields that produces an
    entanglement change. That existing entanglement, is our essential thought
    process, that gives us the ghost in the machine effect or the soul.
    However, when we continue to study this in the future, we would find out
    that supersymmetry particles react intensely with micro and macroblack
    holes to travel between dimensions directly influencing the thought process
    of any sentient being that reacts with this traveling extra dimensional
    supersymmetry to produce a unique entanglement of its own…my theory of

  • Ricky Kha

    Sounds like Brahman and the current universe, Ancient Indian rishis were
    onto something I guess. Who told them this stuff … Gods, Aliens or
    Self-Realisation ?

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