Roswell UFO ‘wasn’t Aliens – it was a Top-Secret spacecraft built by Nazi Scientists’

Roswell UFO ‘wasn’t aliens – it was a top-secret spacecraft built by Nazi scientists’

Nigel Watson, author of UFOs: The Nazi Connection, said, ‘With these stories spread all over the Internet, and fictional films like ‘Iron Sky’ that depicts a Nazi moon base and advanced spaceships, the Nazi connection gets stronger every day despite the lonely voices of the sceptics.
‘Supporters of the idea that the flying saucers are of Nazi origin claim that they established an underground base at New Swabia, Antarctica after World War II to continue a secret world war to continue their ideological plans.

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  • Mugen Rudedog

    Some type hieroglyphic symbols were supposedly found on craft. If it were German more than likely swastikas would have been printed all over it.


    very good point mate US tried to copy it & it failed that’s why they needed Wernher von Braun to make it work, u got a great channel mate

  • RobXbox63 Native

    Sorry, you story is a nice variant. But I just don’t think it’s true. I have know engineers, who received fiber optics, Intergreated Circuits and lasers from Gov. Officials at Bell labs in the 1950s. That’s when Big Transistor circuits ruled the world. Why the Gov guys were explaining to the engineers how this stuff worked, but could not explain where they came from? Then we go from being #2 in the space race to landing on the moon??? I’m sorry, but we had to have had extraterrestrial help. Maybe the Roswell story was a game. We got technology that never existed before…

  • Jai666666666

    What about the two alien saucers the German`s recovered in the 20ies…, Mandela Effect…, sorry, should have guessed…

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