These Guys Did The Best Thing Ever With An 800lb SPOON!

In this video, Jason Bermas is joined by two guys who did the best thing ever with an 800lb burned spoon in front of Purdue pharma, In an exclusive interview with artist Domenic Esposito and gallery owner Fernando Luis Alvarez discuss the current crisis in the United States as well as their encounter with law enforcement and plans for continued protests.

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  • hrosemd

    2 idiots. Let’s take away cancer patients only release from terminal suffering because my completely healthy brother can’t keep a needle out of his own arm.

  • Yiṣḥāq David

    My brother died from a methadone overdose. A drug thats supossed to get you off the oxycodone. I found him dead with my mother and she has never been the same. I found out who sold my brother the drug. It was a close friend of his. My brother decided to drink it, no one forced him. Also, his friend went off the deep end after he died. Knowing he sold him his death. I cant ever forgive him for that. But , I dont want to hurt his parents by jailing him because I seen what a loss did to my mother and father.

  • Johnny Deplorable

    Opioid crisis? And, they are out there spinning the Awan story like a top! You guys are becoming like the young turds. What is going on over there? Can this channel get back on track or is it a lost cause?

  • Shadowcruise99

    The concept of legislating to the lowest common denominator is nothing short of Draconian. People have the right to be stupid which also includes the right to kill themselves. Those who act responsibly, should not be restricted by those that act irresponsibly.

  • leviathan draco

    All prescription meds are poison . To keep people alive but shorten lifespan . I stopped all my meds and never felt better . The drugs don’t work . I have a stent in my left artery but the meds made my angina worse . Now on no meds my angina is gone . Also I was diagnosed with acid reflux and since stopping meds and cutting out tap water or bottled water. I have zero reflux plus my diarrhoea I had for over twenty years is cured . Now I pass proper stools . Modern medicine is fake medical knowledge . I cured all my ailments without a dumb doctor giving out poisons they have no clue to the effects . The whole medical world is a sham

  • funk yuns

    i have to pay 800 a month for suboxone,have to go to these fake therapy things every week.does not matter if you agree with suboxone or not the point is that its supposed to help get off heroin/pain pills so they make it very very hard to get.

  • miriam kucera

    How many young people is die on Fentanyl , is spreading like viruses . Fentanyl is one most powerful synthetic opiat

  • Kinglee510

    Great interview Jason. So many of my high school friends struggle with this issue , when heroin is in short supply they look for scripts. In the bay area the clinics hand them this crap and send them on their way…no accountability, no concerns for our safety or well-being. They should be doing as much time as rapists and murderers imo. SMH

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