A Very REAL Nuclear War Scenario is Coming… WORLD WAR 3

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About The Author


  • AMTV

    Hi guys, thanks for tuning in!! I really Hope you are Prepared. I have been studying geopolitics for over 10-yrs and I am very concerned for the state of this Country and World Affairs. I hope you have taken the last few years in order to prepare in every way Imaginable (Food, Water, Cryptos, Gold, Self-defense, Faith). I look at this platform as a True blessing. If you are not already prepped, please get Started!! Don’t Wait. A Big CRISIS is right around the corner. God Bless, CG

  • M C

    Christopher Greene, who do you serve; GOD (through Jesus) or Mammon (MONEY)… JESUS clearly said you can’t serve both. Time to pick. Matthew 6:24

  • Adamia Productions

    Not going to happen just yet. The 10 kings have to be put together and they must give up power to the one who will send the end to the great whore of Babylon aka The United States of America. In the Bible nobody ever inhabits the great whore called Babylon once it’s destroyed. You don’t want to be here after that great day of destruction happens. It’s coming and Hell is coming with it.

  • DawnStruck Enterprises Lbs Tripp

    Have you all excepted Avril Lavigne as your beautiful queen and Canadian goddess better do it quick

  • Greg Rollins

    If people would wake up to eastern christianity followers of the Nicene creed are behind globalization this includes Islam which was invented by the eastern church. Why survive if we don’t wake up.

  • gary medlin

    If you truly believe in God, then you know that God says we are not to store up gold, silver, or any other precious metal as wealth on earth, that our wealth awaits us in Heaven. God will take care of our needs if we only trust and have faith in him. Repent, trust, and have faith. God also says when we see these things happen, that we are to run for the hills. There God will take care of us. Yes a lot of people are going to die. Especially those in our cities. But when you take a long hard look at the U. S. map, there aren’t very many places in the U. S. Where you will not be affected by a nuclear bomb in some form or fashion. Whether it be immediate death or health complications from the fallout. Lord have Mercy on those who call upon your name.

  • Jon Merrifield

    Really dude iv watch u for a while and now u are spitting out fear and upset . California really is a shit hole . What we are seeing is a real president trying to make peace everyware ,destroying this influx of refugees.

  • DawnStruck Enterprises Lbs Tripp

    We all know it’s coming buddy everyone knows it’s coming and there is not much we can do

  • Truth Bombs

    Hoping a bomb lands in my backyard to be honest. I cant afford food now how am I supposed to get food for future?!?

  • EyesOpen37

    Jesus fucking Christ. Fear mongering cunts!! Just an out of the blue ww3 video to up your viewership ?? I’m done. I hope the first nuke lands on your studio.

  • Adamia Productions

    With all due respect Chris. You speak like surviving a nuclear strike is worth living for. How much food storage can you have ? 10 years 100 years how about 1000 years because radiation and poisoning water , soil and air will be around still after we get blown off the map. The after will be a game of survival with the most horrible creatures you can imagine. Pray you get obliterated and vaporized as so you are spared the unspeakable truths that will be your reality after this one. What is coming is the most inhuman event that will befall a few most will perish thank God but the rest I can’t imagine trying to survive. It’s going to make the walking dead look like a Disney film.

  • 0311 grunt

    That’s the way I see it also. Not if it’s when. Most of the population are not prepared or even in their right mind to survive any catastrophic event. If cnn tells them everything is just fine, then well they go to bed and sleep well. I tell you I haven’t slept well in years because they say all is well. I know something bad is coming and the sheep go on about their way like all is good. Their being led to slaughter and don’t even expect it. Hope I’m wrong but it’s coming…

  • duanchamp1988

    You can prepare…but I Rather me and my family die from the first nuke…..fuck hunger, and fuck starvation, and fuck bunkers….. Water will be radiated……THE BUTTON PUSHERS KNOW THIS FROM HISTORY…..and don’t think AFRICA doesn’t have nukes too…CDC is everywhere also😎😎😎…Self Destruction

  • Warning Signs

    Loren Moret – Nuclear Scientist has a great deal of Nuclear information on her website – none compares to hers – she left her job when she would not sell out for a paycheck – a real woman! She states nuclear radiation can in fact hurt us, and goes into great detail – Satan tells you the same thing “There is no such thing as the devil” and you believe him, also? Better do your own research

  • the1cooljay

    Not really scary, since you are the guy predicting it. Totally false flag, cried wolf too many time, joke. JOKE!

  • Purple Mermaid

    Wow…. do they really have to start a nuclear war ? What are they impatient !!! Nibiru has yet to come, Yellowstone has yet to erupt and there is also a gigantic asteroid who flies towards earth. Why would they waste all those nuclear bombs ?

  • Chris Rodgers

    How do most people prepare when they can’t even pay there bills pay for medications and keep food on the table much less buy bug out bags ammo survivel gear bomb shelters Ect Ect Ect. get real. people are not prepared for nuclear war or civil war or food shortages.Trust in Jesus because he is the way the truth and the life

  • jack Howe

    I’ve relocated to the country and stocked up… However I’m having a hard time convincing a lot of my neighbours they should also… Most say if anything should happen they’ll come to my place for food…I told them I WILL SHOOT ZOMBIES…They think I’m joking…That’s liberals for you…

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