You Are Being Programmed to Hate


With the world spinning into hatred and violence as the two most hated (s)election candidates of all time tell us to hate one another, one might almost think there is a coordinated effort to drum up outrage. And one would be right!


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  • 44prot

    It’s so easy to see what is being designed and constructed. But don’t dare
    say it is being designed and constructed or you will be labeled a “crazy
    conspiracy kook”. Which is just one more thing that was carefully
    constructed. People are so easily manipulated. It’s like getting a bait bag
    and training a dog to sit nicely to be petted.´╗┐

  • Kevin frost

    i hate fake democratic government’s that dictate other country’s and kill
    millions if they do not submit to the democratic dictator..the way to fight
    hatred is to love ­čÖé :)´╗┐

  • Turd Furgeson

    Meanwhile, those of us who “get it” and actually have the right to be mad
    at the brain dead people around us, will inevitably have our voices drowned
    out… Pessimistic, I know…´╗┐

  • Seventy Seven

    I think if one found his or him self feeling overwhelmed or wilding out
    with hate then you need help you need a time out since l don’t believe
    man/woman kind was intended 4 such an extreme and destructive

  • ouchyg

    Before they generated hate for the candidates they initiated it in the
    general population. We are influenced to hate each other because – you know
    – we are not all the same.´╗┐

  • Jimix

    I agree. Our minds are being manipulated and prepared for increasingly
    violent thoughts and actions. It’s becoming more easily noticeable. Don’t
    let them control your emotions or your thoughts. Don’t let your buttons get
    pushed, by anyone.´╗┐

  • de

    James, name for me a time in human history when this above video does NOT
    apply?? ….thought so…. ( love your work btw ) !!´╗┐

  • Xftbllplyr

    Biblically, the anti Christ is coming. All of this hate will make the
    antichrist seem like a good guy. Good psyop though´╗┐

  • Jack Miller

    can we blame this on main stream media. Pushing out false propaganda? This
    is what the DNC wants because Hillary is so corrupt.´╗┐

  • Gg Mo

    People are flooded with xenon-estrogens, phthalates, endocrine disruptors ;
    thanks to PhRma , Ag. Chem and industrial Chem. The cognitive dissonance of
    people who are being hormonally engineered with out their knowledge
    results. The side effects include lower cognitive abilities (no Critical
    thinking) and massive “Triggering” etc etc etc´╗┐

  • Dennis Guillemette

    people are being brainwashed to hate everybody but the zionist jesuit
    ssatanic freemasons who are actually causing the problems around the world
    and will soon be captured to face there crimes against humanity for a buck
    and shiny new stuff.´╗┐

  • Ariane Kosmolowski

    I think this is not a “planned” hate. It’s the hate that rises because
    people actually want to know the truth, and other want to hide the truth or
    manufacture lies.
    It’s even in the bible!

    Matthew 10:34-36
    34Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send
    peace, but a sword.
    I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter
    against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
    36And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.”´╗┐

  • Buck Wild

    What most people who follow the rhetoric from either side forget, is that
    as Americans and the world as a whole our differences are small compared
    to what we all have in common. We all want to be free. We all want to
    have a better life for our children. Almost all of us don’t want war and
    killing. We all want fresh air, water, a decent home and clean chemical
    free food. Most all want the best healthcare options for us and our
    fellow man. We all want to have our own space and be able to sustain
    ourselves and our families. We want to be proud of our families and our
    The things that divide us all are completely created by the ELITES in
    control to keep us divided so they can control us.
    So if you want to be ruled by the people that think you are cattle, keep
    hating your fellow man for the reasons that the elite have given you..´╗┐

  • Gilbert Tessier

    Nice audio (radio-like). often a voice message is more penetrating than a
    shamble of images that either confuse us or heighten tension instead of
    triggering a thoughtful discussion…BRB…´╗┐

  • Durgenwuld

    The answer, James, right now, for Americans, is to vote for Trump. Somehow
    you haven’t figured that out yet.´╗┐

  • pkeshish

    I typically like your videos, but you are simplifying this topic beyond
    ridiculous. You sound like a passive “priest” that preaches “love thy

    The sources you reference are documented left-ist media that especially
    recently have been shown to be pro-left to extent not even the most cynical
    of us imagined (see Donna Brazile’s involvement with passing “notes” to
    Clinton and then when she is caught and fired she tweets “the goal is to
    come out the winner, not to come out unscathed”).

    So, the left-media you source isn’t studied by conservatives. It is studied
    by the most left-leaning liberals. The kind that over the decades of
    leftist propaganda have been conditioned to the point where they are either
    OK with or actively participate in paying the “mentally ill” and the
    “homeless” to go incite violence at their oppositions’ rallies. Are OK with
    or actively concoct clever schemes how to “bus in” voters for their voter
    fraud scheme without a bus, so to avoid the “conspiracy” tracked back to
    the campaign (i.e., purchasing fleets of used cars at auctions under shell
    companies. See Veritas videos).

    The opposing reaction you see is only in response by “victims” of the
    leftist perpetrators who have had enough. These aren’t necessarily the far-
    and hard-leaning right, but rather the non-leftist, which include the
    center, center-right, right and onward. This is a simple reaction to this
    leftist hate and unsportsmanlike conduct festering on the opposite side,
    which is coming to light thanks to some very brave folks.

    A good (yet simple) analogy would be someone walking onto your property and
    slapping your kid to the ground. What would Corbett do? Not hate? Not
    respond back whilst his kid is bleeding and crying on the floor? Be the
    priest that says “no to hate” and “turns the other cheek” by permitting the
    perpetrator to smack down his other kid?´╗┐

  • Critical Thinker

    Because nothing says love like destroying the earth, dispensing aluminum
    oxide in the atmosphere.

    Because nothing says love like injecting humans with all manner of plagues,
    diseases, aluminum, etc via vaccines.

    Because nothing says love like controlling the water and flouridating it.

    Because nothing says love like GMO foods and corrupt, warmongering elites.´╗┐

  • Kevin Harris

    It is the purpose of the Right vs Left divide. If we are busy blaming the
    other team, we keep our eye off of who is truly responsible for the
    downfall of humanity, mostly…….international central bankers´╗┐

  • Gerald Parker

    Avoid hate and exercise reason instead. Then work for good change. Just
    “stewing” in hatred over things is counterproductive and only frustrates
    the individual who so “stews” over things.´╗┐

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