Conspiracy Theorists Were Right! The CIA IS Spying On Us!

“We Were Right! The CIA IS Spying On Everyone!”
Vinny On False Flag Weekly News With Dr Kevin Barrett & Professor Tony Hall

Kevin Barrett & Professor Tony Hall
False Flag Weekly News

Despite Wikileaks new #Vault7 document leaks,
Most of it seems to be old news,
like the CIA spying and collecting data on everyone through their smart devices,
Blaming foreign “enemies” like Russia for the attacks they covertly launch.
Spying and corruption of this magnitude is nothing new,
This proves to me that not only is the world’s media doing a great job at concealing reality from everyone, but also that when we tell people these things we’ve known for more than a decade again (because the mainstream media admits it) and they still won’t believe us.


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  • peace out

    everyones lyin and spyin this is modern warfare.the state of the times we live in.GCSB people.We need a wall to keep out the crazy geo engineered fluoride affected over vaccinated Americants haha

  • jabbermocky

    How about if everybody undergoing the new, more invasive pat downs by the TSA started making groaning noises like the experience was sexually arousing for them? Or, would that only encourage DEEPER invasions by TSA perverts? Somebody try it and get back to me later.

  • Megan H.

    Bought my TV Goodwill for $10.00 going on 2 years still works and no spying. Am I the only one who gets physically sick with this story of spying on everybody! Gives me the willies bad!

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