NFL’s Pathetic #TakeAKnee Protest & Why Charlottesville Failed

Justin Garcia, also known as Master Chim, hosts The Pressure Project podcast and runs The Jungle Gym, a martial arts academy in New York.

Justin returns to Red Ice to catch up and discuss recent events. We first discuss the recent NFL protests, which leads to a consideration of the role of professional football in American society. Justin argues that football is simply another form of escapism for people who don’t know how to live virtuously. Switching gears, we discuss the Trump administration, with Justin reminding us that we can’t expect things to change overnight. Later, we mull over what went wrong at Charlottesville, and how right-wing events in the future can be improved.

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  • crypter27

    I agree with Justin on sports fans want their apart of a tribe ,but in reality they’re just a bunch of mindless spectators getting their bread and circuses fix.

  • Skoda

    NFL and sports in general are a substitute for tribalism and masculinity… they quench the human nature of men. Just look at how they react and the pride they take in of some obese linebacker ramming into other players at a game. They stand and cheer and root for and are loyal to their team…. they get mad when they hear others are supporters of another team etc. The globalists better hope commercial scale corporatized sports never die, because if they do… well, i think we all know what happens. Men reverting to a more ‘natural’ source to quench their thirst for achievement, tribe and masculinity.

    It is kind of sad when you think of all of the men sports has robbed from us, turning them into dorito munching fat asses who don’t take pride in what really matters, because its been substituted out for some meaningless corporate garbage. It disgusts me.

  • Eric Butler

    Ya not foolin me….look at Eric The Red…….silence of the lamb youtube. Getting back down to basics because everyone is sooooooooooo full of shit today, is genius.

  • Joe Blow

    I think you are way too critical about the name “unite the right” and the Charlottesville event in general. You had to expect this kind of reaction to any one going against the narrative, especially one that is pro-right/pro European. You and your guest are coming off a bit “don’t make too many waves” don’t rock the boat in your criticisms. What I see as being wrong is how woefully unprepared the unite the right group was for conflict and for getting screwed by the state. If the doge challenger incident had happened under a different name like “preserve our history and heritage” they would have made it out to be a nazi car of death anyways. The hysteria is part of the general hysteria about the resurgence of the right and white identity.

  • Julia Metcalf

    antifa (&all lefty groups) is a paid organ. when the $s goes away so will they. some people will always stay with them, but they have no real economic power & so organic support is shallow.

  • Khoa Cao

    Here’s a provocative idea: White America should give up the billions of dollars of profit from the NFL and give it to the blacks. Then they would hopefully be left alone. Or the opposite could happen, and blacks would explicitly prove that they can’t create a functioning society, even with billions of dollars to spend.

  • POL News Network

    1:00:42 – “they dont have Charlottesville type events on the left” – because the media they work for protects them from bad press. The leftist mayors and police chiefs and judges do too. I listened to the whole hour waiting to see if Master Chim would talk about the eleite media being on the side of the leftist street thugs, or the mainstream media being on the side of Civil Rights in the 1960s, but he never mentioned it. He’s making the mistake that mass movements appearance are controlled by the protesters, by the people on the ground. Most of the alt-right seems to have this belief too. You only win doing civil rights protests when some faction of elites want you to win. Without control of the media — which is privately owned and partisan — you will never control your own image.

  • shane westburg

    40 years of puppet president,s selling America out, yeah it’s going to take a whole lot more than what Trump can do in 9 months, But at least for the 1st time in decades we have a real man not owned truly wanting to restore this country,

  • lonewolfnmoon

    I don’t get it, people’s, mostly white it seems, perspective that these overpaid *niggers* in the NFL need to stand up salute the flag play their designated roles and be grateful for what whitie has given them and do the job they are getting paid for, entertaining white folk. Like gorillas in a Zoo or a man in a monkey suit instead of American citizens using their position and influence; calling attention to police brutality systemic racism and the violation of human rights at great personal risk to their careers and loss of their “overpaid” salaries. As though their goal and intention is disrespecting the anthem or the flag is disingenuous at best when civil disobedience is what both the flag and anthem stand for, Liberty. Just like the Liberals dissing the POTUS for not acting all presidential and having an opinion practicing his freedom of speech on Twitter, oh the audacity and so undignified. As though Obama was preferable speaking so eloquently while he murdered innocent children with drone strikes and prosecuted whistle-blowers for calling out criminal behavior by those in the Government. Judge not on Faith alone for Satan Demons and Devils believe in God it is their works and the fruit of their labors that make them Evil.

  • Joe Blow

    JFC Henrik, I think you were really traumatized by Charlottesville, it really isn’t that bad, esp amongst the normies nothing really has changed. If anything it caused a lowering of morale by people in the alt-right. They are the OMG we had one setback! It’s all over! We gotta use good optics guys! The MSM got you doubting yourself and questioning yourself. On the ground over here people haven’t swung a bit to the left.

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