Paradigm Shift Community Admins Meeting. Nov 3, 2016

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Create. Inspire. Evolve.
A real world interactive game to help shift consciousness.
Creating conscious media and a global team of Shifters and Paradigm Shift Communities.
— Hacking the Matrix with Love —


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‘Paradigm Shift Central is a real world interactive game to help bring together a global team of Shifters; conscious media creators and people helping build Shift Communities across the globe to help build the tribe and assist with the evolution of consciousness.’

Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meetings are created for various Shift Community Admins, new and veterans alike, to collectively brainstorm and discuss tactics and strategies related to how to create Shift Communities – which focus on regular open-minded discussion and meditation circles. We will discuss how to get things started, share stories of progress within communities, facilitating events, holding sacred space, Shiftivism (Free Hugs, etc) tactics to grow their communities, social media tactics, leadership skills, and more.

If you are interested in learning how to build a Shift Community where you are, please feel free to join.
Anyone can be a Paradigm Shift Admin. The choice is yours.

Team Patreon / Shifter Booster Kit:

Hosted by Brendon Culliton


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