The Greek Crisis – What You’re Not Being Told

There are several important variables to the Greek debt crisis that most people aren’t talking about.
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  • maxerd2

    GO GO

  • russell sprout

    The irony of this world sucks!, Arron spent hours, days and weeks
    explaining in great detail our enslavement in over 200 videos then vanishes
    like the subjects of some of his videos, maybe he’s told us everything he
    can, maybe the end is really close and he gave up the laptop to prep, or
    maybe the human garbage that lords it up at humanity’s expense got to him,
    maybe those that havent woken up yet are not meant to? there is without
    doubt enough people awake already to make a difference?, is it time to make
    our lives count yet??

  • russell sprout

    Arron has just uploaded a load of repeated crap about ISIS the world
    already knows, the fact he has not even mentioned or touched donald trumps
    pathetic virginia false flag and instead decided to make a video telling us
    all the shit we already knew tells me arron is now compromised!

  • coperman11

    Mr. StormCloudsgathering . Check how many Billions of Dollars Germany owe
    to the Greek State and people from WWII, on war damages, a loan that the
    Greek Government could not refuse in 1943 and how many tons of stolen gold
    from the Greek National Bank they took by force to support the east front
    after invading Russia….. I am expecting A VIDEO ABOUT THIS FROM YOU Sir.

    • Dr. Sherlock Holmes

      I’m not even German, I just view the situation in an objective manner.
      Greece is in absolutely no position to make demands.

    • coperman11

      +Dr. Sherlock Holmes Bitch pls. …. So you go to library’s xa I was sure
      that you have no clue about History,,,,your country is responsible for
      everything that you have done with 2 World Wars and millions of dead and
      homeless people. Now you think that you can dominate Europe with the Euro
      but good bless USA for they did to VW and there is more to come ,,,,call me
      BMW,SIEMENS,AUDI, etc ….You county is going down Greece will Live for
      ever Bitch pls. ,,,we been around for 2.500 years and your little germany
      will go to H@@@L. By the way you are you German?? Bitch pls. ..The Allies
      that kick german nazi’s and after the end of the WW2 they have agree not to
      ask for any thing until germany will unite again.So now go back to your
      library Bitch pls.

    • Dr. Sherlock Holmes

      I know nothing about history? Bitch pls. I went up to the library to find a
      copy of the 1960 deal in which Greece agreed that Germany has officialy
      payed their war debt and it’s correct you Greeks already accepted money and
      now you want more because your country F’ed up big time…

    • coperman11

      Dr. Sherlock You know nothing about history, the only thing about the WW2,
      what Greece did is to agree in the treaty of London for cutting in half the
      massive German Dept…..Germany have never pay for Damages + the Loan of
      1,5 million Gold franks ….Do you Know that Russia asking for War damages
      4 Trillion Euros??and Germany can not threat RUSIA like Greece

  • Radeo

    The politicians bailed out the banks. But the people elected those
    politicians into a system of government that they approved of. Aren’t they
    all responsible?

  • Stephen Kolenda

    this is grease being irresponsible then never collected taxes everybody was
    retired 45 it’s just not realistic you no like this video

    • George Stathopoulos

      +Stephen Kolenda Your comment made no sense at all. “You feel so burned it
      shouldn’t be hosting ABC News” wtf does that even mean? Also if you’re
      going to call Greeks Turks, you might as well call Polish people like
      yourself Russian.

    • Stephen Kolenda

      +George Stathopoulos I’m so glad you came at me with all these facts I feel
      so burned it shouldn’t be hosting ABC News you know the joke Greeks are
      Turks without jobs so laugh your face off with that

    • George Stathopoulos

      +Stephen Kolenda lmao you say “get your facts straight” and then you say
      nobody in Greece pays taxes and everyone retires at 45. What a hypocrite
      you are… how about you get YOUR facts straight.

  • Michael Dubuss

    The answer to this so-called ‘debt crisis’ is to follow the Iceland
    model…..1) Call BULLSHIT on the debt. It’s NOT REAL. It’s NOT LEGITIMATE.
    The scumbag banksters created electronic and paper ‘money’ out of thin air
    and then loaned it at usurious interest rates. If any individual did that,
    they’d go to prison forever. Just because guys with Ivy League degrees
    wearing $5,000 suits are doing it, they get away with it. 2) All nations
    need to immediately STOP using the Central Bankers’ money and issue their
    OWN REAL CURRENCIES without the involvement or influence of Central
    Bankers. 3) All nations that have been victimized by the predatory lending
    schemes of the International Financier Cabal need to issue arrest warrants
    for these criminals. 3) Public hangings for all of the leaders of this evil
    den of thieves. Tar and feather those who were complicit and then throw
    them in prison.

  • Kelvin Wilson

    Your right all they way, and the public are blind to it. Well presented.
    Spain will leave the uniion either before or after the UK.

  • bademoxy

    this is more leftist horeshit that excuses irresponsible borrowers.
    though true that banks are complicit, ordinary greeks borrowed beyond their
    ability to repay the banks and just defaulted when it became inconvenient
    to repay.
    THAT is how the banks ended up requiring bailouts in the first place.
    people want easy money that they have no intention of paying back.
    then you have a fat lazy civil service who’s wages take all the nations
    taxes-from private citizens who have no such cushy job.

  • annabloom riverrun

    But why did they decide to borrow money in the first place? The problem
    with a structural deficit is that the country has to keep borrowing more
    and more just to keep going, and main lenders are the banks. When you then
    set the precedent that loans do not need to be paid back once the borrower
    has borrowed more than it can pay back you’re essentially asking these
    institutions to give away money for free. That won’t work for long. Greece
    did not have to bail out banks that Ireland had to – they were asked to pay
    back older loans. Irish banks were deeply engaged in fuelling the property
    bubble, which they financed with short term loans from mainly German and
    French banks, with a large chunk of oil money thrown in. When it all burst
    (as it always does) there was of course the call for “burning the bond
    holders”. Unfortunately we cannot live the way we live without our debt
    based system, i.e. the banks – we take loans for cars, buy stuff with
    credit card and so. Of couse we don’t have to, we could save instead (not
    wth a bank of course – that money is not yours anymore, you only have a
    As for Greece, they didn’t have that kind of bubble, they simply squandered
    the money – arguebly they probably shouldn’t have gotten into the Euro zone
    anyway, they secured Goldman Sachs’ services to polish the balance sheet.
    In any case there is a lot to be said for countries not to go into debt and
    live within their means – but the populations of many countries wouldn’t be
    happy about that either.

  • reachforacreech

    debt means nothing.we live in a closed world system,if debt is forgiven it
    would change,shelter,medical thats all people require and as
    long as climate change catastrophe doesnt hit then well pick ourselves back
    up and be on our way.

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