YouTube Is The News Authority!

In this video, Jason Bermas of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Youtube and it’s announcement it will be featuring authoritative news sources, investing in certain media operations in order to give them viable streaming abilities, as well as other measures that seem to be a last-ditch effort for the legacy media to maintain control of the global narrative. YouTube has declared itself the news authority.

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  • Mystdragon !

    I’ll gladly look for you and other channels I watch. While using the hide option for the MSM they offer up.

  • Niedland Benjamin

    Can someone tell YouTube we came here to get away from “real” news. I for one love my ‘fake’ news and conspiracy theories. I spent a whole year watching someone tell me that there is a new planet in our solar system that is going to destroy the earth. I even watch that guy who says the government is making frogs gay. I know its fake, buts its so much more fun than than being told Trump is in Europe

  • Samsara Peace

    The tentacles just keep grabbing everything! So now they think we will worship the YOUTUBE GOD ? Ain’t happening here ! There will always be another way ! Even if we have to go back to snail mail there will always be a way don’t lose the ability to communicate! Separate that’s what they want to control us ? Please always keep your options open and don’t let technology stifle your ability to communicate!

  • Linda Eckert

    authoritative sources = more propaganda funded no doubt by tax $ it will soon be MSM/Hollywood/YT = WMD of the NWO = distract + distort + deceive = Divide & DESTROY very sad because there are many alt media that deserve to be funded :'(

  • rodgy gormin

    jason we need a citizens investigation bureau with the authority to investigate the authorities. not my idea, richard hall’s.

  • playit at1point5speed

    Its funny they’re soooo stupid. They think people are going to click on amd watch their fake news? Independent YouTube channels earned their viewers and are respected by them . Some channel YouTube creates, promotes and pays 25 million to make is going to be viewed as fake as fuck . They think they can bring their cabletv model to youtube lmao. Cnn and fox on here get no views the ones they get are probably fake views.

  • Chance Paladin

    Why the fk again do they get to decide what is and isn’t fake news? Are they going to make their own news channel and break it down for us? BAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!

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