The True Meaning Of The Treason Summit

In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down the summit between Trump and Putin in Helsinki and goes beyond the media calling it a Treason Summit as people like John McCain attacked the meeting for even happening. Other people such as Rand Paul thought the meeting had meaning and was positive. From the indictments to Israel we give you an honest take on the summit and its true meaning.

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  • j mace

    Did y’all catch the hand sign Putin did right after the handshake? It looks like he’s rubbing his wrist with his index finger. Looks kinda like he’s making his hand look like a gun pointed in Trump’s direction. I’m not in the Big Club, so I don’t know what that really was supposed to mean. Whatever it was, it was deliberate and calculated. Bibi, Putin and Trump need to get a room together at a cheap motel.

  • pulaat

    It becomes clear now how poor the mental state of the USA is. A total brainwashed country. Lost every touch with reality.

  • Galindo Palaso

    Trump is a traitor. I can’t believe I voted for him. We cannot make up any more excuses for this traitor

  • Patrick Campbell

    How bout the Russians developing their new hypersonic ICBM? How bout the Russians developing the new high speed, long-range 100 kiloton underwater torpedo? Da ya think we should talk about that?

  • Fed up American

    My mother is freaking out, screaming about TREASON, TREASON. I SAW him commit TREASON. I’m like sure, ok, yeah, huh. She is older, watches CNN, and has become mentally unstable because of it. She suffers Trump Derangement Syndrome. Yeah…but Obama, treason there? Hmmmmm I’m so tired of this.

  • Karen Glass

    Let’s give it up people! Rand had it going on! America is not innocent. And this is due to certain individuals in the intelligence agencies. Why wouldn’t we want our emissaries be friend’s?!? It’s time to take responsibility! These are dangerous times. We must find way through this muck.

  • 41053082

    they (deep state) just want WAR, WAR, and more WAR.
    the more they whine, and yell the more scared they look, because this meetting was NO BUENO for the deep state. Now comes the IG REPORT, its gonna be fun.

  • OregonOutlaw2000

    World Peace over world war, give Trump a chance, we need to start somewhere, piss on the war monguring left and right.

  • Christopher Hemenway

    It’s becoming apparent to me that Trump is another 9/11 psy-op where they blatantly demolished wtc7 in front of everyone’s face and created a divide between “sheep” and “truthers”. Similarly the media is so blatantly painting normal acts of Trump as treasonous and naziism, it creates a divide of “liberals” and common sense Trump supporters. At least amongst the masses of uninformed who these elite target with their propaganda.

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