Huge Win For Trump As North Korea Keeps Its Promises

In this video, Jason Bermas of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on North Korea keeping its promises to the United States. Kim Jun Un has made good on his promises to Donald Trump regarding returning fallen US soldiers from the Korean War and appears to have begun dismantling its nuclear arsenal. This is a huge win for the administration and Trump himself.

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  • tony torres

    North and South korea..will unite..and war mongers in both parties and Pentagon are worried the big buck money will stop..pres. Trump is smart..keep your friends very close..pres. Trump check mated war mongers like bolten..congress..fake news..abd kept a lot of generals mouth shut too.

  • Zen Maestro

    I’m not on the Trunk Train, by any means, but he got my vote and I haven’t looked back thinking it was a mistake, yet. Like Jason and Luke, I have reservations with some of the decisions he’s made since he’s been our president, but I do like to keep my eye on the prize and genuinely hope that he has a successful term. If he continues to promote more peace like this, between prior enemies of America, then I’m likely to vote for him again. of course, this would go without saying if Hilary does run again… That woman will never get my approval. She is one of the more dangerous people in the US. I truly despise that woman.

  • john boutwell

    I believe this is a trick and north Korea has a plan that will end bad for the U.S. in the long run. And I’m sorry but I don’t trust this situation that’s happening.

    What if those are bodies of other than war prisoners or remains of those from the Korean war or whatever. I just got this feeling it won’t be good that’s all.

  • Erika Gehm

    Wow for once North Korea is doing something humanitarian for a change. I’m glad for the families that have had missing husbands fathers brothers cousins nephews and uncles returned to be buried at home and they get the closure that they’ve desperately needed.

  • DeeBoyNYC

    Yessss, Love this channel and finally promoting TRUMP…WORLD PEACE!!! #WWG1WGA #TRUMP2020 #GREATAWAKENING #QANON

  • Got George

    Are this many Americans so concerned with us having a military presence all over the world, maintaining our role as world police? Or does the military industrial complex ow EVERY SINGLE NEWS OUTLET IN AMERICA? I know not one regular, everyday person who feels the way these talking heads do.

  • Hurrifan C.

    Jason I doubt you’ll see this since I saw the video bit later then when you posted it but you’re becoming an incredibly great speaker and your journalism abilities are notably much better than when I first saw you congratulations man you’re killing it keep it up

  • ABC 123

    The promise is not kept……they are doing this for the purpose of attacking Israel. No country has gone peace since ignoring Jesus. Trump is still a shill like every other president. He is also raped a woman & has some ties with the kik.

    Don’t ask me where I got this……just know that there is more evil than you see and hear

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