The Truth About the Mueller Investigation – Operation Reinhard

Ever since Trump won the election, the Left has been holding on to the idea that Trump conspired with Russia to “steal” the election.

However, on Monday, the first charges in Mueller’s investigation were approved by a grand jury…and none of them were remotely damning for Trump.

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  • Rockguitarnow

    Red Ice is excellent. Anyone who cares about the white culture should become a member of Red Ice for quality interviews that matter.
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  • Rockguitarnow

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  • Ollie Plimsolls

    *Conventional Politicians, will never represent The Right and Traditionalists.*

    The entire system and anyone involved _is_ the swamp

  • Culture War!

    It would be awesome if anyone in the MSM would actually push the narrative of exactly what would definitely this dreaded collusion. They are accusing Trump of some sort of nebulous concept. That’s insanity.

  • XaosAction

    Trump is supported by Jewish gollums like Sheldon Adelson, he has donated tens of millions multiple times already, look it up.Those are very influential and connected in contrast to younger more ideological Jews you hear from in the media. As long as Trump serves their interests, and occasionally bows before the Wailing Wall in Israel, he will remain in power. No amount of investigations or media smearing will touch him. Of course, in the long run serving those gollums will push the US towards 3rd tier state globally, it’s already 2nd tier now.

    Don’t think they are not aware of it, they even want this, since billionaires will remain rich and the rest will be like Brazil. They will be able to profit even more, and their biggest threat, the Aryan race, will be busy trying to survive in the sea of migrants and Aryan spirit will be polluted by consumerism, or those more religious will grovel before some Juden-approved deity. You see, people who are busy trying to survive almost never try to stir things up. It’s only when the middle class is losing their status, like it is these days, when they still have fighting power.

    That anger elected Trump, but old Rabbinical tricksters are aware of it and will make sure Trump is sabotaged enough, so nothing revolutionary even happens with him. Now you can understand why Clinton was totally derailed, she would inadvertently fuel the resistance, while Trump gives you false hope, which is far more insidious.

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