Newsbud Launches Phase 2 Funding Drive


Spiro Skouras joins us today to update us on the operations at We discuss the new reporters, new programs and website changes that have been accomplished since the first funding drive and what they’re hoping to achieve with their latest funding drive.


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  • MaxOneMedia

    Newsbud is weak at best. They don’t take on any big issues and are affraid
    to go after Satanic Israel and their mass murdering ways. Yes, better than
    Fox, MSNBC and CNN but so far nothing to get excited by.

  • charlie🎷

    How can ppl contributing to the fund be assured the money isn’t being used
    for personal use I.e a new sports car etc?


    You know there are a lot of people that sacrifice their lifestyle to do
    this work for free.. you’re going to have to be more creative to get your
    funding because this method leaves a bad taste.

  • Emily Rose

    Most funded? Wow really? I remember looking at the page thinking “They will
    never make it”. Maybe I remember it wrong or the last days went really well
    but on kickstarter you need to reach the goal or you get nothing right? I
    remember looking at at is as it it will very very likely fail to reach the

  • michbushi

    word of advice: don’t assume your viewers are following & remembering every
    single story of yours. introduce the guy, introduce whatever the fuck it
    is, that you are talking of, as “entering phase 2″

  • Emily Rose

    Wow this Kickstarter Bullshit requires a Credit Card and does not allow
    Bitcoin or PayPal. I do not own a credit card, and proudly never ever had
    one activated.

    I found a PayPal donate button on the site now but it wont add to the
    Kickstarter goal if I donate there now. Also Bitcoin Address would probably
    be helpful. Its not that rare anyone that pp use it, especially in
    alternative circles. I finally got into it a month ago.

    // donated 66$

  • Daniel De Groff

    your good man with great stories but you are sadly deceived if you believe
    the NASA photos of an alleged spinning globe lol

  • Roland

    The trip to Europe was an admitted vacation which “turned into an
    Your hard earned dollars funded Sibel Edmonds and (((Spiro’s))) vacations.

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