London Terror Attacks Tied To Freemasons? Kevin Barrett & Vinny Eastwood

London Terror Attacks Tied To Freemasons? Vinny Eastwood On Truth Jihad Radio With Dr Kevin Barrett

As is the case EVERY SINGLE TIME you see massive news coverage of a terror attack, the attack itself turns out to have been either completely fabricated, have Intelligence community or secret society involvement.
The attacks happened on 3/22 which is the “secret number” of the “Skull and bones” club at Yale, this is the second year in a row where attacks have happened on this date, the last being Brussels.
But it’s interesting to note that all these terror attacks seem to do is allow the authorities to declare some kind of emergency and temporarily or permanently take away certain rights from citizens and accumulate more power for the state and its various agencies.

The same thing happened at Pearl Harbour where Australian Intelligence reported to the US that a large Japanese fleet was on it’s way days ahead of time,
and after the US let the attack happen,
they then claimed there was a failure of inter-agency communication,
and justified a new and massive intelligence agency beef-up for the OSS and a huge loss of American liberties including the opening of concentration camps for Japanese Americans.
After the war, the US established many permanent military bases in Europe.
And the OSS then smuggled thousands of top German scientists under operation paperclip,
Giving them new identities and jobs working for the US government.
The OSS changed it’s name to the CIA.
In the 1980’s The CIA trained and provided stinger missiles to the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan so they could shoot down soviet helicopters,
All the fighters were kept on a special list at the CIA called “The Database” Or “Al-Quaeda” in Arabic.
They were led by a CIA asset from Saudi Arabia named Tim Osman,
Who later changed his name back to Osama Bin Laden,
And was later blamed for 9/11 within hours of the attacks,
9/11 was later used as justification for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the PATRIOT act,
AND the invasion of Afghanistan,
Where the CIA currently grow and ship up to 90% of the world’s heroin.
AND the Invasion of Iraq,
Where the US now has 50 permanent military bases.
Anyone else see a pattern emerging?


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    you have to be invited by one sponsor and another mason has to co sponsor then you get to the meeting to see if they will let you join.

  • Mr knows fuckall

    vinnie you said yourself you are no closer to unravelling thing thing now than you did how ever many years ago.Dont you think this is just you searching for something that isnt really their. some theories bleed into others and you dont quite seem to pinpoint anything in this chat .

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