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  • Jillylove 101

    There’s a square cloud behind his shoulder😳btw I bought bitcoin 4 years ago and can’t access since due to no cellphone. Help

  • Freedom Fighter

    What if the block-chain appears to be decentralized, but in fact is controlled by one entity & thats artificial intelligence?

  • SharingFOCUS

    Nice try to push BitcoinCash, but what if it’s the other way ’round and it’s really Wall Street trying to lower the power of bitcoin before they get into it themselves ? They have been talking it down for months now. Roger Ver and his Chinese miner friends are anything but altruists. This was a push- and dump action to siphon of million of dollars from unwitting Bitcoin newbies, and now they’re launching a media campaign to make sure it will work once again. Push Bitcoin Cash up to 2500, halve the value of Bitcoin, skim off the millions… Bitcoin will never be a currency – there’s Litecoin, Neo, Ethereum, much better products for the purpose. Bitcon Classic is a store of wealth and speculation, nothing else, and this is an attack on other people’s wealth, nothing else.

  • Sobuka

    Jeff has been pushing BCash. I’d be careful there. Your channel must be knowledgeable on both sides. I would not listen to just Jeff. Roger Ver is the lead BCash pusher. There’s a lot of greed and manipulation. BCash did not even start out with reply protection. It’s also very centralized.

  • AboxofMonsters

    Want to double your savings every two months ? You know there is a encrypted Ap to make it easy ?? Coinbase. You can manage Bitcoin and Etherium and Litecoin. One click buy one click sell Buy when it dips ! Bitcoin and Ether will and have been spitting out millionaires like a pop corn machine. Don’t listen to anyone it’s the monetary system of the future Bitcoin has always been slow ! It takes 15 Min But Ether is 15 seconds ( so Ether was designed with newer core technology. You will be spending Ether in a Wendy’s drive through in a year. Bitcoin ? That’s where we are doubling our money now. It’s not at $7500 now. When this was done $1700 ? So see ? Still talk. I tripped my life savings with a FREE Ap So ? When will you be your own bank and wake up every day with more money instead of less. I don’t even want to go to work now I make more going to bed. Lol

  • One

    Since it’s still a great big secret who started Bitcoin and who manages Bitcoin who could possibly put their money into it? For all you know Soros or the Rothschilds own Bitcoin and plan to crash it after confiscating billions in individuals wealth.

  • Kekistani Dan

    This dollar vigilante is a liar. The reason they don’t talk about bitcoin cash is because it is an alt coin trying to capitalize on the popularity of bitcoin. Bitcoin is used to store and transfer wealth, it’s not meant to buy a damn cup of coffee.

  • Mr global

    This guy Burwick is a dotcom bust out now working as a FUD peddler. Bitcoin is now functioning as a STORE OF VALUE (replacing manipulated gold). Bitcoin’s primary function these days IS NOT as a means of transaction. These tinfoil hats would rather roll around in conspiracy theories than weigh the evidence before them. BCH and Litecoin are WAY better for transactions but that entirely misses the point in understanding BTC core’s real value. Financial literacy is so important. Especially in the alt-media. God help you if you make financial decisons based on these videos. Burwick aint helping matters.

  • Michael Dob

    It was impossible for the intelligence agencies to ask people for their personal information so they they invested in companies like Facebook and Google and now people voluntarily give out their personal information.

    Bankers want to get rid of cash and gold and create a digital ways to control people, so they are investing in companies in the bitcoin market. Soon people will have to watch what they say because they might get their accounts frozen for suspicion of terrorism orally whatever reason they want to give you before they fuck with you.

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