Mother’s Day Gift Ideas On A $100 Budget

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  • Miamari Ⓥ

    Im a fairly new subscriber but I love your channel man! Much love! Happy
    early mothers day, I wish you and your family the best (:

  • Up Keep

    thank you Honor family for all your hard work.. it was nice meeting Lenon
    at the Free Your Mind Conference 3.. Happy mother’s day!

  • Cooking with CeCe Chef

    wonderful my husband got me the same spice rack I love it I just know she
    will enjoy as much as I do

  • mightybee101

    I couldn’t agree more about the dolls looking like your little girls. I did
    the same for my daughter when she was a child, we both can see the
    difference in her self esteem and some of her peers. Happy Mothers day

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