“Ethno-States Will Never Work”

Lana refutes the claim that a White “ethno-state” would lead to “evil.”


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About The Author


  • Walter L

    Nice that you included my homeland Latvia!!! at the 2:30. But I cannot watch what is happening in my land of ancestors Germany, thank God that in Latvia is better situation.

  • MrSammy

    🤔 I thought ethno states is the norm outside of the usa & the americas, its ok, we can have different types of states 🙂

  • David Drummond

    I don’t think he was necessarily saying it is a bad idea, but that the foundation is where you might struggle. Also, the argument I’ve seen that might be wanted to be looked into is the ‘big family’ vs ‘small family’. Which the bigger it gets is where it starts to have its issues. If that weren’t the case, then you wouldn’t have the problems with the EU. Which I understand there are much bigger issues than it just pushing a ‘global’ type of state, but you get what I’m saying.

  • Lizica Dumitru

    Does the nice “black” man say the same for Chinese, Mexican, Philippino, “black” or Japanese ethno states?

  • The Undead Writer

    We should kick out the immigrants and invaders and make Europe our ethnostate. We need a home. If the Jews have one we deserve one too.

  • MR G

    Hahahaha, is this guy for real???? Hahaha, what a retard. Whites have lived together and dominated the world for what….only 3500 yrs+-?

  • Kenny-D

    I talked to a Swedish women the other day and she’s was adamant about her hate of white people but white men in general…I was Shocked that A white Swedish women who lives in Sweden hates her own people … Crazy !

  • LadySagehawk

    They try to sell diversity by telling us how awful it is. “White people this, white people that.” If it’s so bad for non-whites, leave us alone then.

    They are like that neighborhood kid that follows you around telling you how mean you are… yet keeps coming over to hang out… they are so needy and transparent.

    If we are awful, GO AWAY!

  • Frisch Regen

    I TELL YOU the truth: when the Roman Empire became Catholic, a faction of the nobility did not accept it, they continued to worship Saturn and sacrifice children to him.
    They were expelled to Venice, then moved to Amsterdam, and then to London.
    From there they continued with their old practices, but now in secret of course. And they continued to conspire against the Catholic Church.
    The Hazaros found a luxury ally in the secret elite that conspires against the Church.
    The Catholic Church prohibited usury, but with Protestants and the separation of England from the Papacy, usury began to be allowed in northern Europe.
    Then these evil ones seized the sea and therefore also of the trade.
    Therefore also of the rules of production and commerce. Finally they invented freemasonry to secretly recruit people with the bait of greed and supposed liberating philosophy, whose goal is simply to conspire against all Catholic crowns. So found the nation states, lay in practice or in fact. The mission of Masonry, which only the highest levels know, is to destroy every Catholic crown, leaving only the Anglican.
    In this way that old Roman nobility who rejected the Catholic faith, together with the Hazaros, dominate the world, thanks to high finance, lies, they have taken over education, history, the media, of course money, armies and governments.

    And they hate the American people, because of their independence. That is why they sank the titanic to found the federal reserve, because in it the three powerful men who opposed were killed. And so they also appropriated their government and their army, their media, their education, their science, everything.
    And forcing the armies to fight wars that for them apart from convenient are also megasacrifies to Saturn, in that way cause the whole world to hate the United States.
    They finance both sides of the war from Napoleon.

  • Iwanvs 95

    National-Socialist state is a bad idea, however a National-Capitalist one is just another republic, but for white people exclusively.

  • Lynn Delaney

    In California I enjoy diversity but never Sharia. We need a wall. I support Trump.But diversity can be fun and teach us different ways of being. I’ve experienced “Black Love and Humor” as healing. I have a niece and nephew that are half Chinese. I Tweet against Muslim crimes and Sharia, NWO mass migration to create an homogenized culture for easy domination by the 1%.

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