Family Night With The Honor Family ~ 8-25-18

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  • Jay Reese

    Is the school officially scheduled to be closed this upcoming Monday? Labor Day is the following Monday on September 3rd. I’d double check to make sure the school is actually going to be closed this Monday. I don’t want your sons to miss school and get behind.

    Overall, excellent video! When I see these kinds of videos, I wish I would’ve made a firm commitment to my healing when I was younger (I had some good resources, but did not really commit to my recovery), and have a family of my own at this point. I’m 36 years old, so I’m just a few years younger than Ayida and not that much younger than Lenon.

    In fact, my “cousin” (we’re not related by blood, only by marriage) is a year younger than me. We basically grew up together and were very close before my younger sister was born (who’s 8 years younger than me.) Anyway, she got pregnant when she was 16 (with a man who, I believe, was several years older.) She had her son at the end of 2000 when she was 17 (I was 18.) Doing the math, that would make him 17 with his 18th birthday coming up later this year. I haven’t seen any of them in many years. I hope the young man is doing well. If he stayed on track, he would’ve graduated from high school by now. I know she also has a daughter who is around 9 years old now (I never saw her.)

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