Top 10 WORST Housing Bubbles In The USA – Is Your City In DANGER?

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the top 10 worst housing bubbles in the United States according to a study released by ‘Global Banking Rates’ and reported on by Forbes.
This study analyzed stats from Zillow and looked at:
*Percentage of homes with mortgages in negative equity
*Total number of homes in negative equity
*Total Number of homes at least 90 days late on their mortgage payment
*Negative equity delinquency rate
*And homeowner vacancy rate and rental vacancy rate.

The study doesn’t include a few major cities where housing bubbles are at catastrophic levels, but you may be surprised by the cities that are on the list.

We are seeing the return of collateralized debt obligations, mortgage backed securities, reverse mortgages, credit default swaps, all of the usual suspects that we saw leading to the 2007 housing bubble burst in places like Detroit.
As the bubble expands once more, it looks like history will simply repeat itself. The banks are insolvent, the derivatives bubble is at a multi-quadrillion dollar level, the pension bubble is reaching enormous shortfalls, the auto bubble continues to get worse, the entire fiat system is on the brink of failure as we reach another recession and of course due to interest rate hikes and massive loans and derivatives, the housing market in countless cities is on the verge of bursting. Who would have thought? Well, everyone that’s been paying attention.

Your house is not an asset. Individuals must learn to be self sustainable, financially responsible and independent and protect their purchasing power instead of falling into the trap of collective debt compliance.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue closely!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Isaiah Duque

    Hi Team, as you know their are dangerous times coming. We have an impeding collapse of the fiat system, which means the U.S dollar will no longer be the main global reserve. The U.S. along with the 1st world countries have been brainwashing their citizens to not know what happiness is. They are distracted by so many things including jobs that are barely providing a living wage (wages have not grown since 1970s), social media, insecurities, money. We know that love is the most powerful force in the universe, which is why we believe God brought us here to love everything that was made for us. We want to begin a community to show people how to grow and cook their own food, have fun with friends and family by creating a theater, music, dance, art, literature, reading, research, observation and enjoying nature. If we can get people off a system, maybe they can learn to love again and their will be no need for money. We are looking to build one in Colombia as well as other countries. If you would like to help please contact me as we would like to know where other than Colombia we can build a community. I’m a U.S. and Colombian citizen. Peace and Blessings. .

  • Jake Hose

    Josh, love your show, but you gotta change it up, almost every video has the same thing”gold, crypto, gathering things from the toughest guy on the block…” we know, we know, I heard you 100 times my friend, we all know, might say fair well to your channel if it stays that way..

  • John Daniels

    I have cash, and I’m waiting for this crash, I’m going to buy house for me and my kids, tired of living in this one bedroom apartment as I watch these housing prices to soar to the Moon

  • Steen G

    There are at least two things they have in common. They are all Democratic strongholds and they have substantial black and/or Hispanic populations.

  • rickcoona

    the dirivitives market crash will make the 1929 crash look like a sunday picknic and the 08 ‘crash’ look like a minor hiccup. it will wipe out most financial intitutions because they are overleveraged up to their eyeballs it is a huge ponzi scam that will come crashing down.
    Learn to become more self sufficiant (learn to grow your own food, and learn how to preserve it) beacause when the music stops, you won’t be able to just go to the store and get what you need. food, water, medical supplys, SEEDS, a way to protect what you have, and the knowlage to use them.
    forewarned is forearmed.

  • Mumbles O

    The math doesn’t work.
    Newark 4,978 Houses that are underwater and that’s supposed to be 32% of all homes in Newart.
    So there’s how many mortgages there?
    Number Of Occupied Homes In Newark
    Total: 94,542
    So that’s 5.27 percent that’s of total that are under water.
    Hummm what am I calculating wrong?

  • Rio Thomas

    You should look into the COloradO BuBBleS, this area is completely inflated. & of course the power-playas use the game to stage this state just like you’d do to a house that has a lot of structural issues. Lipstick on the pig so to speak. Yet they are campaigning that the economics of this state (job wise) are the best in the national??? Oh please. what a lie. Anyone who lives here knows this is not true. You have to make an astronomical wage to just live in a mediocre way here. People coming here from Cali and other coastal areas driving the prices higher & higher. People paying 10 20 30 40k above the asking. cash$ & they don’t get how dangerous that is. When the bubble pops, they will be so far under water a submarine won’t save them.

  • Fahad Amin

    The economy should have crashed in 2009. They just dusted everything under the rug. That on top of everything else from now will make the market pull back, end fiat civilization

  • Website guy

    Rich dad sees a collapse coming but he wont be putting that directly on the table. His basic premise is move to Gods money. He is saying everything else cant be trusted. A collapse can even make gold and silver lose value if it gets super bad food water and land are all that matters.

  • Crypto Kiwi

    Slow down your intro please! I love the content. I like to share your vids sometimes and people can get turned off by your introduction

  • Brandon Lee Sanders

    All of the cities that you mentioned are shit holes. Nobody wants to live in those places. I’d bet anything that if you measured population trends every last one of those are losing citizens. You’re equating demographic shifts with an eminent housing collapse. It’s pretty simple to understand what’s going on…

  • Bill W

    Why don’t you worry about your own country (Canada) first?  If you want to tell americans about our economy, then why don’t you come live over here before opening your mouths and spouting your b.s. for the last several years hiding in a wannabe country the U.S. protects?  If you’re so righteous, come on over and take residence over here and “be the change”. No?  thought so.

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