Ochelli Effect 8-9-2018 JFK Myths 14 Carmine Savastano and Rob Clark Hour 1

Ochelli Effect 8-9-2018 JFK Myths 14 Carmine Savastano and Rob Clark Hour 1

Co-host Carmine Savastano is joined by Rob Clark to continue the JFK Assassination Myths series.

Rob is the host of The Lone Gunman Podcast. Look for it online. It’s always a fun and informative look at various elements and characters connected to the JFK assassination.

This episode connects current non-sense with the strange claims of the past. From the latest Trump fan fiction to the old school patriot myths about JFK and the Federal Reserve.

We made it through an entire two hours without the usual rant on Judyth Baker, which is near a miracle. Instead, we deal with one of the alleged guests at the assassination eve party Madeline Brown used to sell as reality. Sadly there are still defenders of this debunked story.

Sadly this series will continue until people who see something crazy on YouTube stop assuming the videos are proof of a solution regarding the events of November 22, 1963.

So many myths, so little time.

JFK Assassination Myths 14 References:

Alex Jones still spinning Myths:
H.L. Hunt witness?:
The Dallas Action:
Current JFK Jr. QAnon Myth:
The C.I.A. Merry-go-round with Oswald at the center:
JVB before JVB?:
Scientology and the JFK Assassination:
Roger Stone, Documents, Trump Nexus:
Classic myth debunked:
More On the so-called Hunt Witness?:
JFK Assassination Myths 14

We should get one more of these Myths episodes in before the end of this year.
Carmine Savastano


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