Insult Me As Much As You Can, See Why?

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the psychology of insults and angry comments online directed at individuals without merit. Hopefully, by watching this video you will understand the science behind unjust angry comments directed at you which can help you better deal with them and at the same time why they happen and how to stop doing them yourself.

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  • potstab

    I will not make any angry comments, I recently unsubscribed because of your insistence on pushing the bit coin pump and dump ponzi scheme, and your utter blind faith in the “free market” on net neutrality. Hopefully your videos will stop showing up in the youtube recommendations for me. These two issues undermined the rest of your arguments , and now I don’t think I can trust you anymore.

  • Alexander Hunt

    There’s more to homosexuality than mere sexual preference. For example, homosexuality is highly correlated with sexual perversion and sadomasochism (hence why the gay subculture tends to be extremely degenerate). Not that I condone throwing gays off buildings, but the idea that people who disagree with public displays of homosexuality harbour secret homosexual tendencies is a bit of a stretch. Historically, cultures that condoned or even promoted homosexuality were characteristic of late stage decline. Same with this promotion of transgenderism. Such can only happen in a society that has lost its strong, masculine core and sense of traditional patriarchal/family values.

  • Urethra Grundle

    I only give gears to libs and main stream media, oh and politicians. Thing is I do this in real life, face to face. It’s lead to fist fights. Good times.

  • Christopher Pope

    Luke my Son I have no shadow. I live by Judge not less you be judged and with what measure you judge it shall be measured back unto you. I’ve lived this way for 27 years of my 52 after that I received the Holy Ghost worshiping Jesus in Heaven at his throne. But you carry on I enjoyed it very much because I tell the same thing to people all the time. Your not far from Heaven my son. If you opened your heart and prayed to Jesus you might even receive the Holy Ghost yourself. It’s a simple thing. We’ve all sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Just read Acts 2:38 and do what it says. Would you like for me to prove Jesus lived and everything he said is true? And the Mark of The Beast is coming? Very soon, God bless,

  • Scott Bixler

    All too common example of shadow is I hate rich people showing off a blingin’ nice car when I don’t even have a car, but I too want to be a rich person with the same sort of nice car.

  • V.W. Singer

    Unless someone is directly attacking or harming me, I can’t be bothered to hate. I’m an author of kinky erotica, so my sexual secrets aren’t very secret.

  • RedGreenBlack

    Haha and now ppl get mad because he didnt talk about the latest news (israel) in this video. And i thought ppl in this bubble are smarter.

  • Michael Sullivan

    1.) Attacking someone who is causing harm (lying, misleading, gatekeeping, shilling, etc…) doesn’t mean they (the attacker) is one of those things. Are there attackers of shills who are shills? Yes. However, you can’t just say, “If you attack me then… I know you are, but what am I? Nah nah na boo boo.”

    2.) Attacking someone who you feel is doing harm (in one of the ways I mentioned above or another) doesn’t necessarily mean you have suppressed issues that you need to deal with. It’s entirely possible and natural to spot a wrong and call the perpetrator out on it without you yourself being “messed up.” (At least, not in any way that is applicable to your argument, as nearly everyone is “messed up” someway, somehow.)

    3.). Finally, in regards to personal insults, those should definitely be left out of any exchange as they only serve to make the aggressor feel better via anger release and sometimes by making themselves seem dominate or superior to another (depending on the situation, of course.)

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