In this video we go over the current state of international affairs, how the presstitutes who work for the government are pushing Trump’s agenda and leading us into more unnecessary danger & more

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  • adox

    I very much disagree with you on Afghan and Somalia. 1st we were already in Afghan so it isn’t as if this is some new invasion or anything like that. 2nd a afghan diplomat came to the US seeking help and was talking to PS students in Washington about how he wants US support and help. So it sounds like this isn’t against the will of the Afghan government. Plus keeping Afghan stable with more troops will prevent what we have seen in both Iraq and Syria. So i am really struggling to see why you would be against this especially considering you don’t seem to have a issue with Russia being in Syria.
    as far as Somalia goes I don’t give two shits either. I am sick of Somalians flooding western countries and committing terrorism, rape, murders, and other crimes. So to be honest fuck them. If they don’t want us invading them then they better keep their people in their own nation then maybe I would oppose invading them. Plus to be honest us invading them is prob the best for them ironically. That nation is so fucked up that nuking them wouldnt even make things worse.

  • Dylan Schofield

    420 blaze it! Happy to be part of the medicated generation. May the peace be with us in the age of space travel.

  • the0utcastVideos

    Also, I really hate when people like this claim to be independent media showing the ‘real’ news and hating on all the other news because they push their agenda… this whole video is nothing but hypocritic propaganda the way it is portrayed. Is he simply saying, “here, look what else is happening in the world”? No, he’s saying things like, “These people are criminals” and “no one is showing you this BECAUSE (insert own opinion here).”

    Like, the hypocrisy is insane. Get real.

  • Lisa Heaton

    Since 1991 the U.S. government has been OPENLY violating international law when it went to war ON Iraq over OIL, um, I mean, Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. Why did Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait? Because of the oil. Was Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait legal according to international law? Hell, no because there was no present and immediate danger to the Iraqis government or the Iraqis people. Why did Hussein invade Kuwait? Because Kuwait had not kept its agreed upon OPEC oil sales quota and had sold much more oil to the U.S. and other countries in the west causing the price of oil to slump, and Iraq to earn less profits from the sale of oil than it had anticipated. George H.W. Bush, like Saddam Hussein, went to war over OIL, which was against international law (the Geneva Conventions and the U.N. Charter) and U.S. law as well. Now two wrongs do NOT make a right. But many Americans at the time seemed to think so and/or only cares about the price of oil they had to pay than Iraqis or their government violating laws. If Americans then had now that this would be a start of their government’s involvement in a series of U.S. wars – former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq…they probably would have protested more. Americans paid a high price for that cheaper oil during the early 1990s. NOW Americans are the ones paying the price of war because they have fallen so far behind other western countries in terms of standard of living and the basic government services (e.g. medicare for all, pharmacare, tuition-less universities, child and family allowances, etc.) that most western nations have had for decades. The U.S. government has made the choice of ignoring the U.S. Constitution and international law and engaging in illegal war after illegal war instead of providing basic government services for its people. The solution seems to be for the American people to get their government to OBEY THE RULE OF LAW -domestic and international. How they do they do that? I don’t know that’s up to them. Pester their Congresspeople with calls, e-mails, letters, demonstrations, etc. at their offices, homes, townhall meetings, etc.? A class action suit of the People of the U.S. against previous and current governments for violating the Constitution and international law? The American people let bygones be bygones and begin starting from TODAY to make sure that the U.S. government abides by international law and does NOT go to war or engage in any military action that could start an all out war on a sovereign nation unless the danger to the U.S. government and the people of the U.S. is PRESENT AND IMMINENT, that it is a real threat that exists in the here and now, and not an imagined one in the distant future. And even more importantly the people of the U.S. make sure that their government abides by the U.S. Constitution and makes sure that it is Congress and not President Trump acting as a de facto king or his administration of unelected unaccountable nominated corporate and military power elite that decides when and who to start wars with (or try to start a war with so that a drone attack and the bombing of a Syrian airbase be considered, not just as a single military action, but in a larger geopolitical context as an act of war). The American people have to ignore the red herring justifications given to them for war by their government and ask themselves does the country or group pose a real and immediate danger to us? If the answer is no, then the war is illegal, it’s a simple as that. The American people have more power than they realize they do because they have been convinced that they don’t have any power, and because they have believed that they are powerless, in a self-fulfilling prophecy, they have lost free and fair elections, and they have become ever more and more powerless, and their government ever more powerful. The American people do have the power to stop these wars by getting their government to follow domestic and international laws. Now Americans would NOT have to know all the laws but simply know: 1) the president does NOT have the constitutional power to start a war – the Constitution is clear, the power to start (declare a war through words or deeds) belongs to the Congress (Article 1, Section 8), and 2) if what a country is doing does not pose a DIRECT threat/danger to the U.S. government or the people of the U.S. then it is NOT legal according to international law, especially when it is not immediate, what’s the rush – it can be taken to Congress.

  • Bee be Cee

    I think POTUS is no longer getting the true picture of events as they happen and he is probably reading from a script these days.

  • NoirMorter

    Well you were full of shit that gave less than half the story. You played on emotions and were using your passion to get people to listen to you. Plus you got the incorrect order of events. Shame on you. We had one career group heading to the Korean peninsula then after Russia and China sent there’s we got word that two more heading over there. One of which hasn’t even left yet.

    You say you are for truth, but you lie as much as the MSM.

  • whykhr

    Trump is now owned by the CIA/Deep State just like the Clintons and Obama. And the CIA/Deep State is owned by mostly the Rockefeller Bankster/Oil Baron crime syndicate.

  • Brismo

    why does it seem like EVERY country has the largest oil reserves in the world. First it was Saudi, then Venezuela, then America, and now Somalia?? Russia has a ton. Iraq and the middle east has a ton. This shit just seems to be everywhere.

  • tazz cortes

    We’ve been at war even before President Trump took office you jackasses lmfaorotfd!!!! What should the President do pull all of our troops out of everywhere over there from fighting ISIS now that they finally have a President that will let our military do something besides stand there and die? Morons!!! CAN’T believe I clicked on this Democratic garbage by mistake! This guy is a f*ING joke! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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