Fed Raises Interest Rates HIGHEST IN DECADE As Dollar Crash Looms!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent hike of interest rates at the Federal Reserve to a laughable high of 1% which is the biggest increase in a decade.
The Fed is desperately trying to push interest rates up (though not doing a great job of it) in order to drop them out and as they do, artificially stop the economy which must fall by fundamentals from doing just that.
However, after 2008 going into 2012, the Fed had to lower interest rates 5.5% and today they would need to lower it far more, but they would go negative if they did so which would be an epic deal breaker. So we are seeing panic on the part of the Federal Reserve and it’s quite unlikely it’ll sustain itself much longer.
But of course due to the level of manipulation in the monetary system as well as the markets, the fundamentals are off the table and it’s impossible to say when exactly this crash will happen, we just know it will and it has to.
The wizardry at the Fed is not rational by any standard and it’s going to end in vast debt servitude and poverty. This is why people need to be educated on what fiat truly is and protect themselves from the coming collapse.

As Bitcoin skyrockets and people tap into the vast undervalued gold and silver markets, we are just starting to see the beginning of the dollar exodus and the mass adoption of alternative currencies and assets.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • F3thinker !

    In other words they have just created the Knot that makes a noose that will now start to tighten around the necks of a Debt based Economy ! This Death however will NOT be painless and quick, on the contrary, YOU will slowly Suffer. The Magic of getting Blood from a Stone !


  • LegendMeadow

    Check out norges-bank.no tomorrow. They’ll be having a interest rate decision tomorrow on the 14th. They’re more than likely going to keep that rate at 0,50% for 2017 and raise rates in 2019.

  • Tyler D.

    Silver at 70k? not trying to be a troll because I do respect alot of the points of views brought on on your channel. I just feel like that has been a fantasy number to push silver sales since 2011.

    Meanwhile if you look at some of these channels like SGT for example, they got ads for SD bullion “silver at spot price”. the writing is on the wall that they cannot sell silver, they wont even take a small upcharge on the value, and If it continues down this path nobody will even buy your silver stash because they are sitting with way too much supply.

    Meanwhile the salesman go onto these alt media channels to get interviewed, but its really disguised as an infomercial to tell you all the reasons to buy silver, education on the fraudulent US dollar that will crash to zero, education that silver is getting more and more rare, and will rise to 500$ an oz…………………………but will gladly take your shitty US dollar that is slowly loosing value for this opportunity of a lifetime…………….sure, Alot of them also will go on even further to demonize the cryptos that are a threat to thier sales aswell, Peter Shiff, Chris Duane, or Bill Holter ring a bell?

    This is not an attack on Silver or Precious metals, I would like them to succeed. But I think its getting to a point people need to call out some of these gold pumpers that lie to people no better than CNN, as they complain about the “fake news” but at the same time I have a hard time believing how they are not doing the same thing.

  • Truth Seeker

    Crypto is fiat 2.0 it’s a trap and flourishing now but who will be held accountable for exchanges!? The central banking cartels they never disappear unless they are vanquished

  • Nice Trade

    nothing is crashing anytime soon especially while Trump is President.. if you look at history, 6 months before 1st term ends, then market will begin its correction, there is still a good 2 years of a Bull run left..

  • W Winterheart

    The Fed has kept interest rates unnaturally low for a decade; at one point they were almost _negative_ . _Any_ increase would fit the bill for your clickbait title. Stop fear mongering.

  • Chris Ballantyne

    Einstein’s theory of stupidity is:  “Someone doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”  lol.

  • wayne mcclory

    Janet Yellen just said they’re raising interest rates quarter percent and that they have an entire section that was established to deal with threats from bit-con, be careful coming for you !

  • wayne mcclory

    Crypto currency‘s are backed by nothing but words. Bitcoin was hacked a week ago for $67 million worth. wake up people this is going to end bad for 99% who have been sucked in and the end is near….

  • RobertMStahl

    Being prepared with currency that is fundamental is the best neighborliness. One is fundamental, one is not. The one that is is sensibility reaching for minimums. To make community, not disease.

    Bitcoin is digital. The digital landscape is PAVEMENT we do not own, albeit, unnatural in its choking quality. NATO owns it, or, consortiums under the umbrella of it. Bad actors.

  • John Jones

    government and their corporations are in debt. IE fed. The welfare system is threatened. Communist are threatened. People who don’ use much debt are all right. Their home may be worth less than before but they don’t have to sell it.Or go through bankrupsy. Just might need a gun to keep anything they have of value. Normalcy

  • Nice Trade

    no secret anymore Central Banks are owned by the Rothschild family, so for as long as that family is around, Fiat currency will always rule

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