#NeverForget 17 Years After September 11th 911 Anniversary

In this video, Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas of WeAreChange join the audience live to discuss
the 9/11 anniversary and how we are still being lied to today.

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SNAPCHAT: LukeWeAreChangenprecedented insight into this years Bilderberg Conference In Turin Italy with amazing coverage which has included numerous confrontations and interviews despite a very heavy-handed police force. Jason helps to make sense of it all with Truthstream Medias own Aaron and Melissa Dyke
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  • J M

    We need to rid the world of Zionists. This saddens me as it goes against my nature, but when roaches invade your home and want to take over, what choice is there?

  • James Crothers

    Missals with holographic coverage hit the WTC twice, witch then set off the preset explosives in the buildings taking out the structural steel with nano thurmite , then the suitcase nukes that were set in the bottom of elevator shaft #50, the only one that went from the bottom of the buildings to the top went off, and then the buildings kind of turned to dust. There were no planes, they could not be controlled at that elevation and speed, missals were designed to go that fast and hit their targets like they did, the same thing happened with the pentagon, without the nukes, no planes. Sure was strange who was in charge of air defense that day, Rumsfeld, as well as all the security cameras turned off. I know, this is all old news to everyone that has been following this story. I wish that’s all it was, a story. A large amount of human lives were taken that day, and every day since. Then we have assholes stopping the help to the affected ones, the ones who put their lives on the line to help. This world is nothing but a pack of lies. I think I’m about ready for the recycle bin myself. Excuse me, I had to rant.

  • YouAreOneOfUs

    Please , for the love of God , upvote this so Luke will see it. STOP saying “The Government did it”. When you blame a faceless entity of criminal guilt people will feel it’s hopeless. You can’t hold an unknown entity responsible for a crime so why try? It kills your statement. The Government has never committed a crime or killed anyone. A PERSON DID. Hold specific people responsible. Specific departments , so department heads. Keep naming names. A Person committed these crimes against HUMANITY. The Nuremberg trials set the precedent that following orders is not a defense. So all these crimes committed by people working within the Government are GUILTY. These are crimes that have to be punished.

  • CSAcitizen Feather

    They lied to us all ! AND They still are !

    They think we are THAT stupid !

    ALL the rescue dogs also all died quickly after 9-11. They could not have masks because they needed to use their nose to find the people and remains. And they had burned and torn feet as well. THEY were heroes as well – they also gave their lives to do their job ! They are never given credit for the lives they saved !


  • zezt zezter

    we haven’t ‘lost’ we are learning JUST how fkin convoluted their evil fking matrix IS. This goes WAYYYYY before 9/11. IE let’s rewind to WW1. What I came to realize about 9/11 was the deeper occult layers where there is used a code which involved gematria, numerology, symbolism . wordplay. it is a code obviously the VERY VERY rich elite in crowd know and use. One of their FAVE occult numbers is the number 11, and remember the WTC Towers, the main target that day seen all over the world resembled a gigantic number 11. the pupular tag for that day ‘9/11’ because it happened on of course the 11th day sums to 9+1+1 =11. *WW1* = 23 2+3 = *5* 23 2+3 = *5* + 1 = *11* , and it was ended on the 11th day, 11th month 11th hour, and that of course give 3 x 11 = 33, another very special number to them, it also being the highest Freemasonic degree.
    So we got all this occult shit. Luke in this talk totally disredits Judy Wood, but I am not so sure, because even though there obviously were bombs, bombs alone cannot account for other very strange anomalies like the very strange crater in WTC 6 for example. So instead of feeling ‘we lost’, feel that we are LEARNING into these extremely evil matrix that has penetrated all around. We all join hands doing this. So dont lets fight each other cause that is a strategy they love, divide and control, so we lose sight of the REAL enemy!!

    And Luke…I think I am falling a bit for you..if you gets me 🙂

  • Dani ram

    I remember watching loose change with my mom back in 2007 lol it woke me up to false flag operations and the Military Industrial complex. God bless Luke and Jason for all the work they do! None of it was in vain.

  • CSAcitizen Feather

    And the Red Cross ( another money grabbing Federal entity) also never gave the victims the money donations that were given for the victims – Red Cross kept it all as they usually do ! Never donate to the Red cross !

    Only Samaritans Purse can be trusted – the victims get 99% of all donations and the rest is for truck transportation to get supplies to the needy.


  • zezt zezter

    WHAT DO WE KNOW? They love love LOVE war!! But not them or THEIR children fighting in them, but others families especially poor people’s children who get maimed, terrible psychological damage and death!

    President Nixon banned LSD for fear it was inspiring the counterculture protests against war.

    The most radical thing we can do is expose their war game which includes of course their phony war on terror.

    Luke the ‘space beams’ n shit you keep talking about as though they are science fiction? They actually already USE DEWs. and were doing in the first Iraq war…try and be more flexible and just do some research into it. you dont HAVE to believe it but just be free floatingly looking into it

  • CSAcitizen Feather

    Those 19 “hijackers” were students in college in Arabia that has no idea their names and pics were being used as “hijackers” – They had nothing to do with it !
    The CIA and FBI along with the Elites pulled this all off – not Muslims – this time.
    Movie makers were also involved.

    The real witnesses ALL had their cameras confiscated and they had their lives threaten if they ever spoke to anyone about what they actually saw. An actual investigator reporter and columnist did an on site interviews with many of the real witnesses and they told how they were threatened if they spoke. She made a detailed 27 page report on what she found out. Devvy Kidd.

    Trump knows 9-11 was an inside job. Remind him he promised to expose it.


  • CSAcitizen Feather

    Russia has no intention of attacking us. Those are lies to keep the people in fear and hate for free Russia. The OWG Elite wants a war with Russia and they are pushing it with blaming Russia for every stubbed toe ! They hate Russia because Russia is free from all OWG entities and kicked their bankers our of Russia with no way to get back in ! Soros is really mad about that – now they cannot control Russia,- now the only free nation on Earth- that the cabal doesn’t control ! They keep attacking and blaming Russia for everything because of that ! They want a war with Russia because of THAT !
    In a war the Elite cabal OWG can sneak back in to take over Russia again. AT least that is how they see it. But Russia in more military ready then we are , so it will not work – it will destroy America but the OWG Communist cabal does not care about America – they already own and control us here. They want ALL nations under them for their evil Satanic OWG ! And most have no idea just how satanic it really is !

    The UN is the OWG

    The OWG “religion” will be the forced worship and loyalty and
    sacrificial ritual to Lucifer (Satan).

    Oath all will have to take and obey =

    “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” — David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

    And all this making heroes out of the Elite monsters like McCain who was executed for his Treasons – he did not have cancer – that was the cover up.

    But not coming out with truth to the public and lies for a full week of adulation for a criminal is not right or Justice ! They had better not do this with all of those who are executed for their many crimes ! – because the exposure is what we have earned to know and see them humiliated – not made into a fake saint !
    WE earned the right to see them cuffed in a perp walk at the very least.

    That week long worship of that monster McCain literally made me sick ! AND VERY
    ANGRY !

    WE people have been cheated and made fools of, by their doing what they did to us for a full week with that monster made into a saint and a send off no king has even received !! It was so over done that is went into the ridiculous ! You can tell McCain himself did it all – he loves all the evils he did so much – they did all but crown him for it !
    McCain never did one good thing in his entire life ! THAT is a fact ! He was a destroyer, betrayer, traitor and hater of America his whole life !
    He sits next to Hanoi Jane and his close friends ISIS that he visited often overseas ! !

    This is how we get the fake history we all have been indoctrinated with all our lives in the govt schools. Nothing of “history” you have ever been TAUGHT to believe has been truth ! NONE of it !
    This has been Lincoln-ordered REcostruction since 1865 to this day !


  • Viva_AM

    Asbestos was remove from the main steel columns before the attacks. By removing the asbestos fibers (insolation) the steel was vulnerable to melting temperatures. LVI Environmental did the job. They work with removal of hazardous materials and demolition. The president of the company is from the Rothschilds family. Look it up.
    LVI Environmental headquarters in NY city.

  • Simon Naylor

    I’m interested to know what you all think. What was more important to the orchestrators of 9/11; the date, or the weather? Would 9/11 have gone ahead if it was dark and rainy? Would it have happened earlier or later, or was the date 9/11 more important than the visibility for tv cameras?
    It’s interesting to note that the World Trade Centre creation occurred in the same year they chose 911 as the emergency number. I would not dismiss the possibility that the construction and the destruction of the World trade centre were planned simultaneously with the choosing of 911 as the emergency number.

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