Did Russia Shoot Down U.S. Missiles? – Tensions Escalates Between Russia & United States!

Josh Sigurdson breaks down the recent news that Russia may have shot down one or more of the tomahawk missiles the United States launched at the Syrian airbase early April.
“Not all missiles made their target,” says Dr. Theodore Karasik, a senior advisor to Gulf State Analytics. “There were supposed to be 60. One malfunctioned on one of the ships. 36 made target, the remainder did not. And, there’s a question of where did they go?”
“The missing [missiles] were either brought down by S-300 battery or were taken over by Russian electronic jamming and were plunged into the sea,” explains Dr. Karasik. “Now, this alternative theory means that the US and Russia have already clashed if you will—technically—with the use of the TLAMs (Tomahawk missiles) and then being intercepted or taken over by Russian control.”

If the above is true, this would mean the U.S. and Russia have had a direct military confrontation for the first time in decades.

This breaks as tensions grow dramatically between the United States and Russia despite President Trump’s claim during the election that there would be more peaceful talks with Russia, less foreign policing and less of the same deep state, leftist tactics used for decades by presidents from either party.
From false flags to the media pumping up people’s fears in order to ensure the public accepts all out war, even a possible world war 3, the level of aggression has become incredibly irresponsible.

Stay tuned as we continue to report on this story.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Rod Panhard

    The jamming technology thinned out the Tomahawk missiles and diverted them so they did no damage, none were intercepted by the anti missile batteries, if they were they would probably all have been dealt with. The US got a fright at how innefective their missile strike was rendered. The Russian technology is so much more advanced than the US, they had years of watching and monitoring the US attack Iraq, Libya etc and gaining all the frequencies of all the military hardware required to nullify the threat.

  • cassanoa

    its simple – Trump needed a way out of the MSM shit storm so he asked Putin for help –
    Putin suggested a face saving way out –
    he created a fake reason ( a non gas attack ) –
    and gave gave Trump a useless target ( a almost decommissioned air field ) –
    but some missiles had to be shot down so Putin looked like he put up a fight –
    its all kabuki theater to control the masses and fool the bad guys ( the club )

  • sunwarz

    They may have wanted to see what kind of power Russia actually had to stop missiles, now the us knows he can only take care of so many at a time, was probably a test!

  • Old white guy

    Well they didn’t have to take Canada’s gold. Justin and Billy gave it away as soon as they came to power. Nice

  • day1971

    Iraq shoot down many Cruze missiles back in the 90s, they use only regulate anti aircrafts guns, that type of missiles fly low and slow, and if you know what is their target you can set a trap and shoot them down.

    Russia is way behind when it comes to technology compared to US, my advice don’t defend Russia, they backed up every dictator that they can just to play against US.

    Btw I am Iraqi

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