Beware Of “Conscious” Internet-Based Leaders


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  • Audrey Lane

    We must be fully awake, aware, and thoughtful. Always questioning; always thinking critically. Think about it-what does conscience really mean?

  • Christina Haftman

    You must take care of your family before you take care of humanity. I have so much respect for you working hard but it’s wearing on you physically. Can see on your face.

    Best to take care of finances before 5 children but they are here now and loved so much!

    I know you put your heart into the documentary but have to look objectively at it’s ROI and cost/benefit analysis of anything we do in life . Personal and professional. Two years cost money and time away from family and are sales coming in to offset that and pay for the upfront investment?

    What if in 2 years you had created a portfolio of digital products , books courses and music instead of a single thing? More offers means more sales and that income could sustain living expenses. Maybe the distinction is the order in which we do things, documentaries are a huge undertaking and might be best deferred . Create reliable recurring monthly revenue first and foremost to support and fund it. Cash flow from multiple streams Thacker compliment one another , things you can bundle together Do you have a trusted business/marketing coach ? Every decision has pros/cons and consequence

  • Christina Haftman

    So glad you did the crowd funding campaign to get $$$$$ to move from that awful neighborhood. You were in crisis and you allowed those who love you to help . You’ve given so much for so many years. Put ego aside and be open to ideas . Problems are never solved at the level of thinking that created them

  • JaynDoe

    Word…. Thank you so much for this bit, I see my husband struggle to find friends of similar principles. He too is very dedicated to his family, to our relationship and our quality of life (not monitory but experiences). And it’s refreshing to see sincere honesty

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