BREAKING: Donald Trump Picks Hawk CFR Henry Kissinger Aid To Cabinet

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about Donald Trump’s latest National Security Advisor pick apart of his cabinet K.T. McFarland. We go over who this person really is and what to expect in the future from this major decision. Remeber we are only beholdent to you because we are funded by you through

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  • eddie orgasmic

    no surprised there, it’s not him picking, they already hand picked them for
    him, he doesn’t call the shots, he is just a puppet for the Elite!!

  • Rob Barron

    I am starting to feel much better about not voting. Half the county didn’t
    vote. Some because the don’t care and we are just as well off without their
    uninformed choice. The rest didn’t vote because there was no real choice.
    The Clintons and Trumps are thick as thieves and probably all involved in
    the most horribly disgusting stuff imaginable.

  • greenskeeper59

    All hopes of this country returning to what we freedom loving, less govt.
    desiring individuals wish for will never happen w/o being restored to
    original Constitutional republic governance. Now which group of Americans
    will say “student loans?” I don’t need no govt student loans. Social
    security? I paid into this unconstitutional program and I want my
    guaranteed retirement money. Medicaid? All you small govt loving types that
    want to return to a Constitutional govt line up and give up your medicare.
    Yes, you have no other insurance, but it’s about saving the Republic isn’t
    it? Tax rebate on your new car? You don’t want no stinking govt tax rebate
    on your new car. You want constitutional governance. So there you go. We
    will never shake off these chains. Trump is fun to watch shake the system
    apart to a degree. THE END

  • W.O. Cassity

    What you are forgetting is that Donald Trump is at the helm. You’re talking
    about what he will spend on the military, he said that during his campaign.
    He’s gonna get them the fighter jets and equipment they need, not crap that
    falls apart. And he will be cutting cost by demanding that these foreign
    bases start getting support by their host countries, like Saudia Arabia.
    You really should back down on this sky is falling approach. There’s
    nothing new to be seen here.

  • 14 88

    You should have known people! Trump never hid his love and affiliations
    with jews and Israel! Now you will learn your lesson the hard way as he
    will suck you dry, make you slaves in your own country and send you to the
    gates of Hell and beyond!

  • Niklas Stridsman

    fuck ass whore same thing like with the blacks and obama like it is now
    with anti fed white conspiracy.. sucks samw trick different people. obama
    blacks and trump.

  • NinjaTactics

    Keep voting you dum people your masters don’t give a shit who you vote for
    cuz at the end of the day they all work for the same masters.

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