Dalai Lama: Europe Is For Europeans, Refugees Go Home and Rebuild

The Dalai Lama stated the obvious about mass immigration into Europe, leaving leftists dumbfounded. It’s not the first time either.

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About The Author


  • Hard Luck

    So the Chinese did that to Tibet? Well then I’m glad Japan fucked them up in WW2….time Japan needs to conquer that mess called China.

  • Yes You

    This is very simple. The world is sick, but we are the doctors. The world is anemic, but we are the vitamin. The world is weary, but we are the strength. We are here to make the world healthy once again, with hard work, with honesty, with clarity, with decency. We are the product of loving mothers and brave fathers. We are the embodiment of love and bravery! We are the gift of both God and Science. We are the answer to the question. We are the promise delivered to all mankind. For that, we raise our hands to one Nation. We step to the beat of one drum. We march to the beat of one heart. We are the Aryan race.

  • Judi Phillips

    I have always had the greatest regard for his excellency the Dalai Lama, but I will never listen to another out dated, tired, low IQ U2 song EVER again, so help me!! Eh, I haven’t listened to one of their songs in years anyway, so who cares. LOL! Little Bono is an old, worn out, Hassidic Jew wannabe, attention whore, has-been joke(< is that enough adjectives? lol) who is using the shock affect to keep himself in the news, and will only end up destroying whatever legacy he may have had. If he ever visits Sweden, book him at a motel in a 'No-go' zone!

  • Meiky Maus

    look closely at those Clips of tibetians beeing clubbed and drag arround, thats your future europeans , if you dont start voting right

  • duanchamp1988

    The European countries talking about sanctions against Africa ….Africans should laugh in there face and take back dominance of there resources…. charge more until sanctions are lifted or refuse them the resources of Africa…. One Africa. Africa can do all for itself and be selfish with it if they want. Also Africa needs NUKES NOW.

  • Roy CyberPunk

    The Dalai Lama rocks he has asked for the decolonization of Puerto Rico on multiple occasions as well. I hope we rid the planet of the scourge that Globalism is.

  • johan dahlström

    Alternative for Sweden is not the only parti who talk about repatriation. It is one parti who have talk about repatriation for far longer than Alternative for Sweden, and that is The Nordic Resistance Movement. So for some reason you dont mansion them. Even though you have talk about them in the past. how come?

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