Human Blood Transfusions: Can They Extend Your Life? – Seeking Insight

Wealthy elites are receiving transfusions of younger blood, hoping to extend their lives.

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About The Author


  • Falkenroth1

    Howard Hughes use to do them with clean Mormon blood. Paid for of course nothing sinister. Didn’t live very long but probably longer then he would have.

  • Think 4 Yourself

    Some research suggest that giving blood is actually very healthy. Note how women have so many heart issues AFTER menopause. However at this point we’d be wiser to bleed in the fields than in a lab…

  • sapphireblue222

    I was given a blood transfusion three years ago during a quadruple bypass surgery. Oddly enough, I craved chocolate for months afterwards.

  • Speak Friend And Enter

    I think humans may merge with machines to live forever. I’m also working on my own project to achieve immortality. Although it’s more normal than these it would be considered by some to be unnatural.

  • Alexander Bashor

    Inter-dimensional Cho-mo Vampires such as Bono and Michael Moore dancing with darkness . Perhaps our Society needs a decent dose of UVC exposure …

  • Daniel Evans

    Please pull this post. It’s creepy and is a driving force behind human trafficking. And the presentation of it is speculative and lacks credible scientific citation. If it’s not pulled I am unsubscribing and filing a complaint. And I am an ardent supporter of red pill life and against diversity and multiculturalism. But this is enrages me and my scientific credentials. I am very serious.

  • Oliver D

    teenagers don’t have nearly the stem cells that babies have. if the elite are wanting transfusions for regenerative effects they are probably getting blood from abortion clinics or something.

  • Adam G

    Regardless of how long I live, my contribution to the survival of my people and their continued existence outweighs any desire to selfishly extend my own life.

  • cargumdeu

    what with blood and transplantable parts of the human body fetching up to a million or so dollars, and an ageing population, there is obviously a growing black market in ‘fresh parts’ theses days. Eventually time gets them in the end – David Rockefeller was on his 7th heart (wonder if he joined the queue?) when it failed him.

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