If These Images Don’t Change Our World, What Will!?

One image has sparked a global outcry for change… 2 year old Aylan Kurdi has influenced the world more in his short lifetime than most people have tried to in this decade.

It’s time we look at our immigration laws and think about how we can find some solutions. Also, maybe this can start the end of war?


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  • Julian Whiteway

    Well, this got to me.

    How can humans willingly accept products from abroad *but not other human
    beings* until something truly tragic occurs? So much wrong with this world
    right now.

    • YiffySimba

      +Julian Whiteway Because products (by and large) provide a clear and direct
      utility to society, e.g. food provides nutrition, oil provides energy.
      Refugees are a cost to the place receiving them. They need to be housed,
      fed, educated, and so on. This is why refugees are not wanted for free,
      whereas everyone is willing to pay for strawberries, for example 🙂 . If
      you want to compare refugees to a /product/, you must compare them to one
      with a similar impact, e.g. say that countries could sell pollution to one
      another as a product. You would be paying the country who you sold your
      pollution to rather than being paid by that country. It’s just simple
      economic theory. Humans are far less desirable as a ‘product’ as you put it
      because they consume and cost.

  • Ganesh Ramakrishnan

    Screw all you moralistic bastards.. What gave you the thought that you had
    more right to a piece of land than anyone else? Who gave any fucked up
    government pricks the right to decide that a fellow human being does not
    deserve the right to exist or live? How do you guys even sleep ?(forget in
    peace) when you see haunting pictures like these and you realise the shame
    that you are part of it? I sometimes childishly wish that there was a
    superior power or superhero in this world who could abstain the world of
    problems like these…

    • julijakeit

      +Ganesh Ramakrishnan there is a hero and a super power and it is in all of
      us. we have the power of change. forget those silly slogans ‘one warrior
      does not make a difference’ or ‘you can do nothing about it’ – they are to
      program us not to believe in ourselves. what we really need is a though and
      plan on how each of our family could love sustaining themselves and how to
      abolish greed. any ideas?

    • godbluffvdgg

      +Ganesh Ramakrishnan The “superhero” is you…We cannot change “them” but
      we can choose to expose “them” as best we can…Learn and study history and
      law…Love your family and by extension friends…Be the opposite of
      “them”… “They” are only a tiniest of minorities yet it is we that give
      “them” the power…

      Conversely; it is not even close to as horrible as it was less than century
      ago…We have made more advances as humans than at any time in human
      history (intellectually) War has been reduced to a tiny corner of the earth
      wherein it once spanned the globe…We would lose more people in one day
      than we lose in a decade now…And from 1850 -1974 we experienced
      industrial horror. The real hero is you and others that say E FUCKIN NOUGH!
      We need to scream it from the mountain tops and into the valleys…

  • FreedomRebel

    until you read the backstory and hear that this kid was living perfectly
    safe in TURKEY
    put his parents wanted mooooooore and for less…now they payed the
    ultimate price and the politicians have another bleeding heart story to get
    some money out of everybody…the only sad thing here is that this kid was
    a victim of greed…rip lil man

    • Apollo Sun

      +FreedomRebel — I agree completely that these horrid wars are orchestrated
      by a psychotic elite…but don’t WE, the people who are not a part of this
      evil conspiracy, have to DO something for the true victims of these wars,
      that the monstrous elites view only as collateral damage? I also VERY much
      agree that if we are donating money, we better do a lot of research and
      make sure they are legit.

    • Corinne Friday

      +julijakeit The back story of the boy and his family was proven false. The
      sister filed papers for this man’s brother and it was refused, no
      application was ever filed for this family, his sister sent him money,
      which he supposedly used to pay for the boat ride. It has recently been
      suggested by another family who lost two children on the same boat, that
      the boy’s father was actually captaining the boat. This story is still
      unfolding and the truth is slowly coming to light. Are the western gov’t
      culpable? Yes, we are creating a bigger problem by dropping bombs on these
      countries, not to fight terrorism as they like to try to convince us, but I
      suspect the true reason is to protect the resources, ie oil, so that we can
      exploit them in the future for millions in profits. Am I opposed to taking
      in refugees? Absolutely not, we in the wealthy west should be obligated to
      help those in desperate situations. Let’s face it, we are all being
      manipulated by gov’ts and the media, we are merely pawns in a game we don’t
      know we’re playing and it will never end because the vast majority
      blissfully live their lives in ignorance.

  • Dirk Larien

    I understand you mean good guys, but don’t be mislead.
    Not all of em are running from war.

    Imagine situation where these poor refugees are given some basic
    necessities like food and such.
    Just to see these things thrown away in garbage. (that can somewhat change
    your look at the issue when witnessed)
    Some of em don’t even have the courtesy to throw it in that garbage bin the
    throw shit all around themselves and we are supposed to smile at em ?
    Sorry but NO!
    You want to come to our world, then you going to have to respect our ways.

    Ohh and where is our good old US of A government that was starting all
    those conflicts for decades now?
    This is result of them screwing around on our continent. So thanks a bunch.
    Now they are nowhere to be found. How cute.
    Most of us were against those conflicts.

    And these attempts of emotional blackmail are rather low.
    We were the ones to irresponsibly put little kids on weak boat ?
    but we are to blame for his death anyway. wow just wow.

    Am sorry but why are they using boats anyway ? there is perfectly fine way
    by road ! look at the bloody map.

    I don’t like this either, but what is happening and way it is happening is
    just wrong.
    It would be fairly interesting to know from where is the author of this
    vid….. i have my guess, but i let you be person of a character and let
    you tell it yourself.

    • Dirk Larien

      +Dirk Larien
      Oh and one more thing
      You might want to know that overwhelming majority of these migrants are in
      fact young boys !
      Families with children are fairly rare.
      So they actually gone and left their wives and kids?
      I rather doubt they all drown during transit.
      Something smells funny here, its not me.

  • Inbit Gregor Colnik s.p.

    While humans are willing to kill another human being for money, the wars
    will go on.
    We ordinary “poor” people (soldiers) have to set limits for ourselves and
    simply not accept any amount of money, even milions, to kill somebody else.
    If the richest won’t have puppets (soldiers) to play with there won’t be
    any wars.
    And that i think is really the only way.

    Don’t join the army no matter what, ever!

    • The Vampyrical

      +Inbit Gregor Colnik s.p. Unfortunately, as nice as that sounds,
      constriction be brought back in

      The governments would come up with some form of BS to justify it, and
      anyone that didn’t follow orders, military prison or shot for desertion.

      Too much money in war for those at the top to just let it stop.

  • hamidious

    Governments are willing to start and support wars over resources but are
    not willing to deal with the human consequences.Those countries who started
    the war in syria are not willing to sponsor refugees. Western countries are
    immoral shits.

    • julijakeit

      well, respect is earned and not given or taken. so if you want respect,
      you have to do something to earn it. it of course depends on what people
      will deem you respectable – some might be crazy criminals respecting
      violence, others might respect charitable work.

    • julijakeit

      +hamidious western countries are the ones that sponsor refugees- take a
      look at germany, austria, uk, and more. it is shame that no rich islamic
      country is taking in refugees. youtube qatari minister’s speech on why he
      refuses to invite syrian refugees – because syrians have different
      culture??? I am proud immoral shitty western countries take on refugees
      regardless to their moral eastern religion.

  • inncomm100

    Your info about the child is wrong. He was Kurdish, living in Turkey where
    many more Kurds live, because his village was taken over by ISIS. His life
    was not in danger until his parents decided to travel to Europe illegally
    through the service of human smugglers. The family also did not make a
    refugee claim to come to Canada. His death is still tragic, along with all
    the other children who have died in the U.S./Nato coup against Syria since

  • P MCC

    So is everybody ready to bomb Syria and take it over yet?? Tptb are
    standing back salivating… Waiting for us to scream for it. Problem
    reaction solution. They will use, manipulate and kill if it serves their
    purpose. There, I’ve said it.

    • Apollo Sun

      +P MCC ..No doubt, this nightmarish violence, chaos and intense suffering
      is ALL by design. Agenda-based war and suffering for power, profit and
      insidious resource theft.

  • Antonio DG

    The only way to stop this, is not trying to fix the effect, but rather by
    destroying the cause. Follow the money, and there you will find it.

    • Antonio DG

      +Darren Elmes….David Icke, Alex Jones actually embellish the hidden
      agendas of the Elites by perpetrating more fear into masses which keep us
      at a low energy level, and that’s how they get us.

    • Darren Elmes

      Ahh this is the truth……the western elite have created yet another war
      to work closer towards their ultimate goal ….de stablize the middle east
      and create a world war….I wish I knew why we cant stop those few elite
      with this agenda.
      Watch David Eykes for more information.

  • Beto Capone

    It won’t. Nothing will change our world. It will pass and we will forget
    and go on with our Wertern lives. Humanity is fucked up, accept and admit
    If you have the money, or the power or a way to make a difference, next
    time try to not be that greedy cunt and give more, do more for others.
    Just saying

  • Roman Kas

    “Since the end of WWII, the U.S. has tried to overthrow more than 50
    foreign governments, most of them democracies; interfered in elections in
    over 30 countries; tried to assassinate over 50 leaders; dropped bombs on
    people in over 30 countries; and tried to suppress a populist or
    nationalist movement in 20 countries.” – they want to destroy our planet,

  • OculusGames

    It’s their fucking war not ours (Europe or even US), why would we help
    these idiots that has 10 wifes and 20 slaves, most of times even minors
    bought from markets like any object, not a human being? they are placing to
    each other bombs like we normal countries are arguing with our neighbors.
    We all understand not all of them are like ISIS followers, but why the fuck
    would we risk our continent/country or even family happiness and security
    for what many muslim people are representing?

  • Panosftwole

    #3 Ποιος ξεκινησε αυτους του πολεμους και τη δυστυχια εδω και χρονια ?

  • dawnatilla


  • whitehorsejason

    Stricter border control will just be reality in a world with limited
    resources and an ever expanding population. The real issue here is we need
    to force America to stop destroying governments, countries, freedoms of
    self determination and futures of hope.

  • Elisabeth BethBeth

    More media garbage. They never show it as it truly is. Look closely at
    these and other photos and videos. The truth is – 80% – 90% of the
    “refugees” are males between 18 and 30 years of age. They had to work very
    hard to find photos of actual families. Even then, the children are simply
    used as pawns to get their radical, violent, ungrateful, Christian/Jew/ or
    any non-Muslim hating fathers into other countries so they can set up camp.
    What better way to take over a nation than to flood it with aggressive
    radicals that will demand that YOU change to their way of thinking or they
    will scream RACIST!, RACIST! and then sue you? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! WAKE UP
    There are many many videos of these ‘refugees’ on line. Mute the video and
    just watch the film silently. Notice who is actually in those crowds. Where
    are the the “masses” of women and children?? The few that there are are
    housed in places where they can be photographed for propaganda crap like
    this. The videos made by ‘citizens’ show the truth – mobs of young Arab men
    viciously attacking the people who are bringing them food or simply not
    giving them everything that they demand – the total freedom to enter their
    country and do what ever they want plus the money necessary to do so..
    Look at the rage on their faces!! Not a drop of gratitude for the kindness
    of Germany, or any of the other fools, that put their own Citizenry in
    grave danger just to accommodate them.
    Good Bye Germany. Say goodbye to your beautiful, clean, industrious,
    culture. Say goodbye to all your magnificent, centuries old, Christian
    Cathedral. Enjoy them while you still can.. Say hello to Sharia law.

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