Bernie’s “Stop Bezos Act” Doesn’t Work, Here’s Why!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continues to push against Amazon and specifically what he sees as a perverse economy being created by the worlds richest man, Jeff Bezos.

Sanders has now introduced a plan called “The Stop Bezos Act”. This plan would require that companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart either pay a “living wage” to workers, or instead those companies will be forced to pay for the public assistance their workers have to live on to get by.

The “Stop Bezos Act” is sold as a way to make Amazon pay its fair share but would actually affect about 18,000 U.S. companies. On top of that, it won’t work.

Lets give it a Reality Check.


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  • Bonnie Flournoy

    Why stop there? Discriminate more towards those being too black, too fat, too old, too young when discussing ‘more likely’ to not be hired. Aren’t there already discrimination laws that can be amended? Isn’t the point to stop making home taxpayers cough up taxes that we pay not only to pay for workers’ housing, health and food, etc., but we also have to cough up money when they come into our communities while they get tax abatement programs which you failed to mention. Taxing these multi-billionaire companies, even if not at the fullest rate (taking into account family income), would be a start to stop giving these billionaires welfare. Further, there should be some mandate that if they opt to pay taxes and not penalties, couldn’t there be an arrangement that the employee receives it directly in say a tax credit? I am sure there are many ways people could be creative if the will is there to make it work. Doesn’t America call itself exceptional? What needs to cease is poor people paying to keep rich people rich.

  • Robyn Johnson

    If they want to get in bezos’ business so much, maybe look into why all those workers who were in the path of several tornados yesterday in Virginia kept working all day and were sent out into the storm with no warning since they can’t have phones.

  • H. Winchester Lyon

    Very good point.. That bill may encourage discrimination towards married persons with kids. And also, it would cheaper or just as cheap to pay the taxes/fines instead of paying the workers more. And yes, it most certainly go towards more wars… I think the fine should be doubled – for every $1, they will be fined $2 and also provisions to discourage discrimination..

  • stfon5

    Good point Ben. Tweak the bill so us tax payers don’t have to pay for companies not paying a livable wage. Amazon is double dipping. They get corporate welfare, & make us tax payers pay workers welfare. Do the Costco model. It works for revenue, workers, & great prices.

  • doubstercom

    Great. Bernie should shut up and learn from President Trump: Stop talking and get things done, effectively by executing tax-cuts. I wish the idiots here in the EU could understand basic market economics, but they are all commies and socialists like Bernie. Doesn’t work here either ?

  • Hans Wienhold

    I would want to take a look at how much federal, local, and state tax these companies are already paying. Could it be that they are *already* the ones paying for all of the public benefits Bernie is pissing and moaning about?

  • Praise God

    The intent is there, but Bernie isn’t smart enough to write the legislation that would close all the loopholes that these rich companies would find with all their staff lawyers analyzing every last word.

  • Liberty4Ever

    Great analysis Ben!

    I wish our politicians had half the sense of some luminaries in alternative media.

    Once we start messing with the market by providing government assistance we produce perverse incentives and it’s all downhill from there. Every solution to a government problem is ultimately going to cause a bigger government problem.

  • Victor Espino

    I think you can easily fix those problems.

    However, as you said this would effect half the workers, which shows just how fucked up the economy is

  • Janet Goodman-Clarke

    Hmmm – this video didn’t spell “Benefits” correctly on the graphic. That’s a massive red flag as to their intellectual acuity right there….

  • shiny penny

    Why didn’t he just call for a boycott of Amazon? There are plenty of other sites to chose from. I haven’t used Amazon for years and have no problem ordering what i need.

  • Tonya Burrus

    I rarely say this but I agree with Bernie. I boycotted Wal-Mart years ago for this very reason and it looks like it’s time to boycott Amazon now too. I’d change the bill to make option b more expensive like $1.50 for every dollar for aid received. And i think you meant Medicaid not Medicare. Currently the tax payers are stuck with bill. Those companies already receive incentives and tax breaks from the govt. I’m sick of having to pay just because some rich people are greedy.

  • Lurker1979

    I have a feeling labor unions are behind this. As a way to kill wage competition with union workers. This is just another minimum wage scam.

  • Charles Jannuzi

    Why is Ben Swann hosting a major news show for 2 hours on CNN? Oh, right, I get it. Like his conclusion here about paying for more wars.

  • LuzDances

    Bernie is just grand standing. His bark is bigger than his bite. He lost my respect after not calling out the cheating of the primaries and cow-towing to the DNC. Millions of dollars in donations from poor and working class people were wasted. If he cared about working people he would have stood up for his working class donors who supported his campaign, called out the corruption of the DNC & agreed to testify in the DNC lawsuit.

    Great points you made here.

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