Does Mind Control Technology Exist? YES!

Does Mind Control Technology Really Exist? YES! Dr Nick Begich

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Dr Nick Begich
In order for a mind control technology to be defined as such,
It must be able to
The means of altering your mind, feelings and behavior in a measurable way,
Can potentially exist on any wireless or electronic signal.
Certain frequencies are known to cause an effect on your mind and body,
So if one were to embed that frequency to a modulated sub signal,
You could potentially piggyback it onto any signal you want,
A smart phone, TV, smart meter or wireless modem, anything that emits a frequency.
When hit by these kinds of modulated sub signals,
People experience what’s known as FFR (Frequency Following Response),
or more correctly termed, the response that you’ll have after being exposed to this frequency.

So the question is, if this technology exists, in what ways can it be used?
For good? Or for evil?

Both actually, not only can you create anger, fear & confusion.
But also, it can be used to enhance your Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) by a significant margin.
So naturally, for the most part, this technology is being used as a covert means of keeping the population in a subtle state of fear, making them easier to control, rather than enhancing their psychic abilities so they can see the scumbaggery working it’s magic in the corrupt institutions.
This is being done on an unknown scale and completely without the consent of the people being affected.
Let’s not forget, frequencies can come at you all day, every day, sure,
So getting rid of the TV, living closer to nature or doing anything within reason you can do to reduce the amount of carrier signals you’re being exposed to is probably a good move.


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  • SnakeJones09

    I experienced V2K at a semi conductor facility in 2012. Thanks to shows like this I was able to reckognize exactly what was happened. They didn’t like that to much

  • liz argall

    Thanks so much for interviewing Nick….I first watched him when he talked about HAARP …..GREAT interview…thanks Vinnie

  • liz argall

    FFR…..FREQUENTLY FOLLOWING RESPONSE ……VERY INTERESTING AND mind control is working….we have 5 Wi-Fi towers in a 2 kilometer radius….
    Vinnie hope your wife is feeling better.

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