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In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About This? Fema to Hold Presidential Emergency Alert Thursday. Now updated and delayed until Oct 3, 2018 at 2:18 PM EDT.

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  • A Brit in the Philippines

    Do you know what,I have watched your channel for a long-time and you’ve never been right.Why would Trump instigate a false flag.You really need to chill and get back to selling Gold & Silver.

  • Timothy Harmon

    Q anon put out a post about the alert I think it’s supposed to be tied to the fisa declassification the cabal is organizing riots and mass violence due to the release the puppet masters are about to be outed

  • Daniel Berdichevsky

    As far as the californians, which is where I live, running to arizona, likely has to either do with the hilina slump on hawaii’s main island, or the cascadia subduction zone, or both, just speculation

  • es kimo

    We are gonna be under attack soon. The war is coming here. That is why we need a wall! These fucking people are stupid thinking that all people are good and we can all get along. Wrong! The rest of the world hates us! Its too late to point fingers, its done! So get ready!

  • Timothy Harmon

    You are incorrect about emergency alert through cell phones they have happened before I have received 2 or 3 since I have owned one over a 12 year period

  • Linda Grant

    until we take over PG&E rothchilds own the weather wand obama was a fraud we have been inflitrated we need to shut down gov flash mob CNN we need to know whats going on

  • Nina Hirsch

    They have to run a drill because one rule of the universe is that evil must warn us before it takes action. It always does this.

  • Acidic-Melody

    Y’all better repent and turn to God. This is your final warning, the “birth pangs” will increase even further from now on

  • The Blue Wren

    Chris sells fear and hopes to convert into backpack/bugout bags sales…Nothing alternative about this channel anymore…just like every other news network. This is all FAKE NEWS.
    The mysterious shutdown of the observatory is amtv…

  • Garry H

    What happens to bitcoin..crypto..if and when the Grid goes down ?? Lol.. you lose your money…better option.
    Water .food .ammo..guns..
    Medical supplies etc…

  • Brandie & Don Yelvington

    Why is it coming directly from the president?  That is new!!! I believe you when you say psychological warfare.  Insteal fear you will have the people to follow whatever you want them to do.  Looks like marshal law is finely going to be implemented.  Trump call the church to get their congregations to vote for him but he already knows marshal law will happen first so they can be just as surprised as everyone else.  I was deceived at first when it comes to Trump but he is not who he is showing himself to be he is on the same agenda.  I believe when he sent his party to rally against abortion and he funds it during the same time.  I’ve worked for not so honest people and they will send you on an objectives just to keep you occupied while they do other things in the dark/secrete.  China wants to sensor internet which is obvious violation of freedom rights but Trump wants to shut the whole internet down.  Well that can be passed with no red flags of our freedom being taken its a matter of national security.  When really they want us to not be able to communicate. Ya they put it off to make it think that its nothing immediate but just to have in a just in case.  Yes I agree that doing it during the time of an actual disaster, isn’t that how we did in the past practiced more drills in schools and cities when the season was already here.

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